Friday, February 13, 2009

No Luxury Hotels in Cuba

Despite yet another push by members of the US Congress, and CNN, on behalf of the Castro dynasty, will not be swayed. and refuses to feature a single hotel in Cuba on its website which has over 750 Luxury hotels in more than 290 desinations from over 79 countries.

This agenda now tries to sell the notion that the younger castro, as lite-dictators go, is a benign, sensible leader open to fair negotiations. Nothing could be further from the truth of this ruthless killer, pragmatically trained from youth as a solid communist, and who is personally responsible for deaths on a horrible, grandiose scale.

This shameless Congressional initiative is like a recurring nightmare or meteoric blunder over a 3 year cycle.( 2003, 2006 and now again in 2009), which under the guise of defending "rights for Americans" seeks to escalate lobbying for that nefarious regime, while in the process abandoning all honor and principle.

The mere fact that this dictatorship has enslaved Cubans for over half a century should in itself be enough to deter us from this thoughtless partnership, but beyond that how can one turn its back on the enormous travesties committed by a rogue bunch of thieves and murderers, such as (but not limited to) the following:

● Tens of thousands of innocent victims of kangaroo (if any) court shams, mercilessly executed by firing squad.
● Tens of thousands, drowned in the Florida Straits, attempting to flee from a tyranny,
● The 1996 treacherous, un-repented and un-avenged shoot-down of 2 un-armed, American aircraft by Cuban Migs, resulting in the assassination of four "Brothers to the Rescue" mercy flyers, 3 of them American citizens.
● Confiscation of all property, without compensation, including a multitude of American interests.
● Draconian prison sentences, on-going as we speak, for merely dissenting from the government (ie: distributing leaflets with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.) Hundreds of such political prisoners presently rot in infamous Cuban jails, under constant mental and physical torture.
● Being a declared, vile enemy, strategically at our doorstep, which once came hair-close to unleashing a nuclear attack upon the U.S., and is right now attempting to revive cold-war threats.
● Years of providing safe-haven and in fact training ground for terrorist groups from all over the world, and successfully brokering a program of subversion throughout Latin America and some African & Asian countries designed to promote hatred towards tthe US..
● Being a consistent top-violator of human rights, condemned by numerous international organizations..

If these (and many other) monumental affronts against humanity have no impact on those behind the other Castro bandwagon, how about the farcical attitude of wanting to prop-up a government that wiped-out all travel agents, including ASTA ( American Society of Travel Agents) members like my father (Founder of Lorraine Travel, LLC which owns ), which along with all independent businesses, were simply shut down, and up to this date never again allowed? Does ASTA (that again supports travel to Cuba) have no honor? Are we incapable of mustering some back-bone? Or are we to get in bed with opportunistic congressional con-artist types whose only allegiance is to their pockets?

Last, but not least, let's remember that although now in political, physical and human rights shambles, the true Cuba, during its brief history between independence from Spain and the catastrophe of 1959, was a model of a democratic, economically enviable society even considered on a global basis, and a staunch, loyal ally of this country. That true Cuba deserves better than to be betrayed by us.

If this collaboration with tyranny by our Society and those in Congress is not reconsidered and withdrawn, the TACL (Travel Agents for Cuba's Liberation), a group of still active Cuban-American travel agents formerly established in a free Cuba, will join in voicing its consternation and repudiation.

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