Friday, February 20, 2009

Put a Ring on It

Ladies, once they've "Put a Ring on It," you gotta check out The Four Seasons Hotels as they have made it their business to cater to honeymooner's every need. The luxury hotel brand has 85 locations in destinations all over the world that feature amenities, services, and staff specifically for honeymooners.

It has become the smart choice in luxury travel for discerning couples. The Honeymoon Consultants we have access to are on location, and work with us to help engaged couples. We will be able to reserve a room or suite and add special touches which will create memories to last a lifetime. Thishigh level of service removes the guesswork so couples can focus on making sure all the other elements of their wedding day is perfect..

We can help you select the perfect location, and make your travel arrangements. While at the hotel destination of your choice, the Personal Concierge is there to make restaurant reservations, handle activity bookings, coordinate spa appointments and take care of all your requests and preferences.

Honeymoon choices abound at Four Seasons, in inspiring destinations with rooms and suites ideal for a bridal couple, room service around the clock and superb facilities for entertainment or relaxation – always with an extra level of surprise and delight. For inspiration...
* Be castaways in tropical elegance, from Bali to Punta Mita to Great Exuma.
* Share your passion ... for golf, and choose from championship courses in pampering resorts such as Scottsdale, Dallas or Nevis.
* Nest comfortably in your favorite city in the heart of all that is wonderful, from Toronto to Tokyo.
* Luxuriate in spacious rooms and suites at every Four Seasons, complete with pillowy king-sized beds and spacious marble bathrooms.

With beds so comfortable you’ll want to take them home with you, a wide variety of delicious breakfasts in bed; and a staff including friendly chefs, constantly vigilant cabana boys, and maids who leave rose petals and chocolate dipped strawberries in their wake, it is clear to see why the staff, service, and amenities of the The Four Seasons Hotels are the obvious choice for the perfect honeymoon.

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  1. Though The Four Seasons Hotels have made their unique reputation among the honeymoon hotels but in reality these hotels are equally good for family or the group tour. The thing, I liked the most during my stay was the superb hospitality standards.