Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ritz-Carlton Lets You Save the World While Vacationing in Style

Community Footprints is Ritz-Carlton Hotel’s social and environmental responsibility program. Sue Stephenson, vice president, explains that The Ritz-Carlton Hotel has always been committed to supporting charities and causes.

The employees at each hotel identified the needs of the local community and worked tirelessly to develop programs that meet those needs.Now guests around the world can volunteer their time to improve and assist the local community where they are vacationing.

A variety of programs that include instruction by professionals exist so participants can make a meaningful contribution to the project they select. A few of the “Give Back Getaways” are listed, in brief, below.
• Build a library for the young children of migrant workers at the Dandelion School in Beijing
• Spot and map the location of endangered Blue Iguanas in Grand Cayman
• Cook and serve meals at the North Texas Food Bank
• Restore homes in the ancient water town of Wuzhen, China
• Plant native Cyprus trees in the dwindling wetland forests of the Florida Everglades
• Build homes with Habitat for Humanity in Jakarta, Indonesia and New Orleans, Louisiana
• Join biologists from the Dept of Ecology for rewarding hands-on experience ensuring the safety of mother turtles and their eggs during nesting in Cancun
• Help at the SONNENHOF facilities for children with serious illnesses by participating in the spring cleanup, planting trees in the garden, renovating the petting zoo and cooking at the August “Children’s Day” barbecue for the kids and hospice staff in Berlin
• Help resort employees and the children of SOS Children’s Village beautify the surroundings of the local children’s home by planting trees, native plants and vegetables while in Jamaica.

Employees of Ritz-Carlton luxury hotels have been involved with some of these projects for over a decade, and are proud that they can now work shoulder to shoulder with guests who are just as dedicated to these critical missions as they are.“Guests want to become more involved in the regions they spend their vacations,” explained Simon F. Cooper, president and chief operating officer. “Many volunteer at home, and want to continue this spirit of giving in other parts of the world. ’Give Back Getaways’ allows Ritz-Carlton to offer personal vacation experiences which are both memorable and personally enriching.”

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  1. I will appreciate the management people of Ritz-Carlton Hotel for launching Community Footprints like social charity program inviting guest to participate in the noble cause. This will make the stay here more colorful and guest will feel themselves more safe and honored.