Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mayakoba & Cabo; Safe Havens in Mexico

In the last year, the number of drug related murders & violence, primarily along the Mexican border has been alarming. So much so, that Mexico as a whole has been making headlines across the world, leaving the impression that South of the Border is now the Wild, Wild West.

This unfortunately has mistakenly made many tourists weary of traveling to Mexico, when in fact - so far, almost all of incidents are isolated to towns very far away from major tourist areas involving only those engaged in criminal & drug activity, that they have no impact on the safety of regions on the opposite side of the country.

Regions such as the Mayakoba in the Riviera Maya and Cabo San Lucas are hundreds of miles away from the areas of recent conflict, and therefore feel little if any repercussions at all.

The U.S. State Department has noted that the greatest increase in violence has occurred near the U.S. Border, and many areas are effectively safe to visit. Nevertheless, tourists must take precautionary measures while traveling, but not eliminate the option of traveling to Mexico.

Mayakoba is situated just south of Cancun on Mexico's prized Caribbean coast - the Riviera Maya. A mere 40 minute drive from the towering hotels of Cancun, visitors will discover a completely different experience. Here, nestled in a lush natural paradise, lies Mayakoba, a truly unique resort destination.

Mayakoba is comprised of several luxury hotels including: The Mandarin Oriental- Riviera Maya, The Rosewood Mayakoba and The Fairmont Mayakoba .

The resort town of Cabo San Lucas, named for the slender cape extending eastward from Baja's southernmost tip, gradually developed into a tourist hot spot the last forty years. Today, Los Cabos is booming and is currently the the seventh most popular tourist destination in Mexico and the second fastest growing resort community in the country. With a permanent population of only 40,000, many of them retirees, the tourist to resident ratio is quite high, especially during the peak Nov-Feb tourist season.

Our line-up in Cabo includes two of the most popular properties in our Luxury Hotel Collection: Las Ventanas Al Paraiso and One & Only Palmilla.

So, book that Spring Break or "Cinco de Mayo" getaway now and ignore this "bum wrap" that all of Mexico is getting

Monday, March 2, 2009

Strong Dollar Means Price Discounts Abroad

You know the saying; when something goes up, something else must come down. So it is with the U.S. Dollar & prices abroad. Currency gains alone amount to a price discount.

So with the surprising & continued rise in the value of the U.S. Dollar, combined with a myriad of luxury hotel offers, venturing overseas is looking more & more alluring. Yes, even in these economic times.

What's more, the greenback is expected to remain at it's highest levels against Euro & the British Pound making Europe a terrific bargain when compraed to just a year ago.

If a stronger dollar has somewhat reached the traveler inside of you that has been dying to experience a new and unique country, or simply crazy about seeing Big Ben, the The Eiffel Tower or The Vatican, click here to check out some great European luxury hotel deals.

Knowing you have the backing of the full faith & credit of the U.S. Dollar, let it take you places without having to complete a stimulus application.

Cap Juluca Pays For You to Stay There Every Other Day

$22 million. That's the amount of the recently-completed enhancements. And with $58 million left for further enhancements, it would seem that money from this fund would go towards financing a portion of guest stays. Reason being; this spring Cap Juluca is offering a special package where they pay for every other night of your stay. Book two nights, they pay for one. Book four nights, they pay for two. This package is only valid between March 14 - April 12, 2009 so you have to time it right.

Situated on the private enclave of Maundays Bay Beach, Cap Juluca is known as a serene escape providing anonymity for the affluent who seek refuge in one of the 18 iconic whitewashed Moorish villas, replete with turrets, domes and parapets on the 179-acre retreat. Widely regarded as one of the top resorts in the Caribbean, Cap Juluca is positioning itself to make an even greater mark.

Under new ownership by distinguished travel industry executive Adam Aron, a "dream team" has been assembled to bring his vision to life including renowned designer Paul Duesing (responsible for the recent changes at Las Ventanas and Palmilla both in Cabo) and Chef Rene Bajeux, recognized as one of only 50 Certified Master French Chefs in the U.S. and Caribbean and Chevalier du Merite Agricole. In addition, Duesing and Aron personally selected items of decor from the streets of the Marrakesh souks from local craftsmen.

During season, the resort's guest list reads like a who's who of the social registry, but with a staff to guest room ratio of four to one, the service is unparalleled. Its ambiance is intentionally romantic, with surreal vistas during the day, and after a breathtaking sunset, dramatic nightscapes of the twinkling lights of St. Maarten and miles of shimmering water shattering the moon's reflection into a thousand pieces. With a ban on cruise ships, casinos and high-rise buildings, guests escape to the sun kissed sanctuary of Maundays Bay for romantic walks on secluded beaches and swift, sweet plunges into the tranquil surf.

The words describe the details.. But only in person will you be able to experience the true luxury and hospitality that is the NEW Cap Juluca. For Cap Juluca reservations click here