Wednesday, April 22, 2009

EDL Makes Border Travel Easier

Yesterday, Michigan became one of four states to offer an enhanced ID card to speed travel across the borders of Mexico and Canada, as well as to the Caribbean. Other state including California, Arizona, Vermont, Texas, and Washington are collaborating to produce enhanced drivers licenses. With this special ID in hand, you've got a "mini-passport" that transmits a radio frequency for added security. While you can still travel across the border without it, it makes life safer and easier.

With an EDL, you can start planning a stay at a luxury hotel beyond the 48 states without a valid passport which you need otherwise to leave the United States by air or sea. When one books a luxury hotel across our site, one benefits by getting Exclusive Complimentary Perks to enhance the value of a stay. Perks include free room category upgrades, complimentary breakfast, special welcome amenities and other nice things.

When you combine this with slightly more off-the-beaten-path locations like The Four Seasons Punta Mita, you truly get your money's worth. In fact, check out the "Fifth Night Free" option advertised on The Four Seasons Punta Mita page. This is a terrific offer! And our "Four Seasons Preferred Partner" status results in one getting the Exclusive Complimentary Perks too.

Other hotels offering the Exclusive Complimentary Perks across What a Hotel! in Mexico include the Hacienda Temozon, which actually has a confidential offering, the Grand Velas All Suites & Spa Resort, which even gives its guests a $50 spa bonus with the Exclusive Complimentary Perk feature, and the Fairmont Mayakoba, which has a special deal running which offers a $250 spa credit when booking a suite for three or more nights' booking.

Stress-free travel with your EDL is icing on the cake when booking stays at luxe destinations. With Exclusive Complementary Perks tossed into the mix, you'll be in travel heaven.

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