Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lifting Travel Restrictions to Cuba - We're Against it!

My mom & dad are Cuban-American travel agents who lost everything, including the family run travel company, when it was confiscated by the same vicious, criminal regime that, after 50 years of spreading death and misery, still rules Cuba.

As such, we today (my family still owns this thriving travel company - Lorraine Travel {which also created and is celebrating 61 years in business}) are totally opposed to anything that contributes to propping-up the perpetrators of such travesty.

A common, tired theme among those who wish to justify opening travel from the U.S, to Cuba, despite the above realities, is the farcical logic of “why not Cuba” if we have open travel and commerce with former enemies such as China and Vietnam.

Here is why Cuba is different:

1. Our historical ties to Cuban people, which go back to this country’s struggle for independence and how the effort was heartily supported from the Island.

2. Cuba happens to be not only in this hemisphere, but a mere 90 miles from our coastline.

3. Cuba for many years and to date engages in a huge worldwide program of anti-United States subversion, very successful in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

4. The castro regime of treacherous liars and thieves is the only government in the world that has dared to come this close // to launching a nuclear missile attack on the U.S.

5. Direct orders from the castros are responsible for Cuban mig fighters to attack un-armed U.S. civilian aircraft, slaughtering 3 American citizens and one Cuban-American resident of this country.

If 50 years of iron-fisted indoctrination and the above un-responded and certainly un-avenged infamies are not enough to provoke our righteous indignation to stand on principle and honor, it seems that hope is waning for us as a nation.

Cuban people on the Island and in exile deserve better than American mercenary collusion with those who would perpetuate their enslavement.

Many years of open tourism from all over the world to Cuba, the vast majority from Spain, Mexico and Latin America, millions who speak the language, have not made a shred of difference, so please (whoever is for the lifting of all travel restrictions) explain to me how Americans herded by a repressive system in total control of their visits are going to interface with and influence the real Cuban population. The suggestion is wishful thinking at best !

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