Thursday, April 2, 2009

Luxury Hotel Bookings may be Going Up in Down Market

The rate discounts, value-added perks & varied promotions presently being offered by the luxury hotel set has apparently caught the attention of high-end leisure travelers. During a time where disposable income in even the most affluent households has decreased, these luxury hotels have made that much needed vacation or well deserved weekend getaway more affordable.

The "perceived affordability of travel" rose to 90.2 in February from 78.2 in October 2008, according to a new U.S. Travel Sentiment Index conducted by Orlando travel research and marketing company Y Partnership. The index is pegged to a 100 base line. March 2007.

Although the index is a measure of perception and not bookings, it suggests that people believe there are bargains to be had for those willing to take vacations. The increase in the index was the first since January 2008, a month after the current recession began.

Practically every luxury hotel in our collection across WhataHotel! is offering something alluring to snag bookings and fill rooms. These deals increase affordability and make it more reasonable again for guests to enjoy a luxury hotel experience during these unstable times.

Our Luxury Hotel Specials page provides a great utility to help you find these luxury hotel deals. But hurry though, because and increase in travel means a reduction in promotions, so get them while they last.

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