Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Recession Deals at Luxury Hotels

A recent feature on CNN mentioned free Wi-Fi as one perk that we are likely to be picking up if we face layovers or extended airport stops, but that's not all. Competition is currently fierce between travel companies, and with the recession making business shaky all around, we can expect ramped-up customer service along with 2-for-1 deals, rental car price discounts, and all-inclusive bargains. Why not save money on travel and then splurge on a hotel from What a Hotel?

One of the best things about luxury hotels is the built-in perk system. Instead of having to hunt down packages and wrangle with company representatives, you can expect lavish meals, plenty of lounging facilities, an on-site spa, a concierge service, and more. When booking a cheaper vacation, you'll find that you spend a great deal on adding "comforts" to make the stay in your hotel more relaxing.

With all that money one can save picking up recession-related eals, everything's more budget-friendly,even luxury hotels that heretofore may have been out of range.

Strike while the iron's hot: luxury travel has never been so affordable (and perk-filled!).

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  1. Times are tough all over. Hotels are getting cheaper though: http://tinyurl.com/dhdsxw