Friday, April 17, 2009

We "pick-off" some pirates & "prop-up" others

Almost to the day that American heroes stood up against the Somali pirates in Africa, our government caved-in to the worst pirates of the Caribbean, by lifting some travel restrictions to Cuba. will never promote, nor participate in travel-related initiatives to Cuba as long as the same criminals responsible for 50 years of death and misery in Cuba, continue to have the upper hand and call the shots on who can travel and when, while they enrich themselves without repairing any of their atrocious human rights violations, prevalent to this day.
More than anywhere in the world, my parents -who started our travel agency over 60 years ago in Havana - want to return to Cuba, but their self-imposed exile will continue until such a time in which they can go back standing on principle and with their heads held high. If they fall while reaching for this quest, so be it.

Some Americans and many Cubans who do not deserve to have been rescued by this great country when they fled as refugees, will farcically portray this gift from Obama to a regime of murderous pirates as humanitarian and redeeming for Cuban families. Nothing could be further from the truth, and they lie only to further their mercenary objectives.

In this moment of cowardly surrender,, its parent-Lorraine Travel and many worthy Cubans, will do our best trying to stay the course. Which shouldn't be all that difficult because after all, Havana lacks the tourism infrastructure to meet the pent-up demand from Americans. Anybody for Cabo?

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