Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bust Stress with a Mini-Break

Are you confused about where to go on vacation this summer, or even if you should leave for a break with the economy in its rocky state? Blogger Cindy Goodman for The Miami Herald admitted that "I don't think anyone is going to be fired for taking two weeks off, but they might think that they'll think of another way of doing my job without me." If you share similar fears with Goodman, read on for reasons why you should be going on vacation after all.

According to experts, one of the most compelling reasons to take a small vacation is to reduce your stress levels from escalating and affecting your job performance. According to, 34% of Americans do not take advantage of the full amount of time allotted. In contrast, 22% of French and 24% of Germans don't take all of their vacation time--but legally-mandated vacation days are already around 30 days in France! If you overwork yourself, experts say, you'll be setting yourself up for health problems including heart disease, and you'll probably find yourself performing less effectively when you're feeling sluggish in the cubicle.

One way to beat economy-related concerns is to take extended weekend breaks, says Goodman. She's planning on taking a four-day vacation for the 4th of July, so she can sneak in that relaxation time without added anxiety. Spend a long weekend in Las Vegas, for example, where you can stay at Planet Hollywood and Casino and still soak up Exclusive Perks from booking with Visiting specialty stores and plenty of discounted attractions is a good way to spend a four-day weekend, and hotels always feature extra deals upon arrival in Vegas.

If the east coast is more your thing, Philadelphia is a great stop for a short break. The nation's first capital and home to many national historical sites, Philly is perfect to visit in the summer, particularly around the 4th of July. The Four Seasons Philadelphia is located in the heart of Philadelphia's cultural center and is popular with both leisure and business travelers, and you can grab those Exclusive Perks by booking through What a Hotel!

Give yourself a break this summer with a mini-trip: it's a great balance between work concerns and your personal needs, and you can lock in the deals, too.

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