Thursday, May 21, 2009

Deals that Feel like Steals

A New Zealand couple is currently under investigation after a bank mistakenly donated 10 million New Zealand dollars into their account (USD 6.1 million). The couple, who ran a gas station in Rotorua, applied for a bank overdraft and had 1,000 times their request deposited into checking. After allegedly withdrawing some of the money, the couple seems to have disappeared.

In this crazy world, we all worry about money--but some deals are just so good right now they make us feel as though we're getting away with something. This is the case with luxury hotels around the globe.

By accessing Specials at Whata Hotel!, you can browse through deals to suit a wide variety of specialized tastes. If you'd like to explore the west coast, you can try out spots in California. At the recently-renovated La Costa Resort and Spa, kids stay, play, and eat free until June 15th, and that's not all--booking through also gets you some Exclusive Complimentary Perks. Now those are some guilt-inducing savings! If you don't have kids, consider getting the third night free at a number of California hotels, including the Beverly Wilshire, The Peninsula Beverly Hills, and the Hotel Vitale in San Francisco. Other states with specials include Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, and Texas.

International travelers can get lots of discounts, too--savings aren't just for those traveling domestic. You'll feel a little funny when your travel agent starts tallying up the savings, but you've earned it with your smart planning. With London's high prices, it's important to try to save where you can, and three high-quality hotels are offering specials. London's green parks, carefully-tended city streets, and easy-to-use transport system make it one of the most impressive summer spots for city strolling. It also has some of the best museums in the world, according to a list compiled by Virgin Airlines, including the Tate Modern and the British Museum of Art.

If you want something more exotic, Singapore currently has three featured hotels with "one night free" options, including a "third night free" deal at the Raffles Hotel Singapore and a "fourth night free" deal at the Four Seasons Hotel Singapore plus Exclusive Complimentary Perks.

Where will you be going this summer?

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