Saturday, May 16, 2009

Exotic Animal Sightings Are Within Your Reach

Nile Monitor Lizards have been hitting the news as they slow air traffic at South Florida's Homestead Air Reserve Base. The six-foot-long lizards have been basking on the runway, according to reports, and are currently causing a health and safety hazard as they increase in numbers. More traps are being laid to humanely catch and relocate the lizards, but if you hear your airplane is waiting for clearance before landing, who knows? It could be one of these mucking up the works!

If the prospect of exotic animals gets you raring for a vacation, you've got a lot of choices. Going to South Africa will allow you to experience safaris, adventure trips, and amazing sightseeing excursions, and staying at the Phinda Private Game Reserve between the Ubombo Mountains and the Indian Ocean will let you try all three--and more. It happens to be located in an area boasting seven ecosystems, and not only is the area a breeding ground for loggerhead turtles, but lions, leopards, hippos, crocodiles, pelicans, flamingos, buffaloes, and pelicans are regularly seen roaming the land. By taking an open Land Rover through the surrounding landscape, you'll catch a glimpse of some of the most exotic animals, and if you enjoy that, you can even go white rhino tracking afterwards!

Those taking trips near the world-famous Garden Route might also want to make a stop at Kwandwe Private Game Reserve in South Africa, where 49,000 acres of land were restored and restocked with African wildlife. The reserve is filled with safari-worthy animals roaming free in their natural habitat, including buffaloes, black and white rhinos, lions, and elephants. The location even offers Exclusive Complimentary Perks when booking through

From overgrown lizards in South Florida to big game viewing in South Africa, we've got a lot to see this summer.

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