Friday, May 8, 2009

Hotel Key Cards Start Security Debate

Just this week, ran an article explaining the potential dangers of hotel key cards, which many of us have probably never even considered. According to their source Equifax, a customer's information could be held in the card, presenting a real security risk to vacationers. In fact, the report even mentioned that magnetic key cards could contain your credit card number and address, along with your name and room number. 

Just days after the first report was released, hotel security experts have come forward to claim that credit card and other personal details are not encoded into magnetic key cards. Most electronic key cards contain information on room number and check in/check out dates exclusively, and hotels also refrain from printing room numbers directly on cards for security reasons. 

Since it is theoretically possible to store personal information on a key card, however, know that hotels cannot charge for cards that remain unreturned, according to Neil Munroe, the External Affairs Director of Equifax. If you are concerned about the safety of your data, take your hotel key card home and cut it up before disposing of it. 

The good news is that when you stay at a luxury hotel, you often have fewer safety concerns because of its reputation and rating. If you'd like a worry-free stay with extras, try a location with Exclusive Complimentary Perks when booked through What a Hotel! like the Stowe Mountain Lodge or the Trump International Hotel and Tower, Chicago.

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  1. I also realized that the personal information are not encoded in to the magnetic key card. I think people are now more scare to saw all the news on this issue.