Monday, May 18, 2009

Whole Body Imaging Causes Drama

Privacy advocates plan on calling on the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to stop the use of "whole-body imaging," referred to as a "virtual strip search" by critics. These machines, which cost $170,000 apiece and are currently installed in 19 airports, are used to detect metallic and nonmetallic items of concern to protect passengers. Before you begin to worry, they won't be used on everyone, and are an elective option used instead of a pat-down or strip search. While this technology is still in the pilot stages, there are other features available right on your plane that are much more welcome.

Secret airline perks are a great way to complement travel to your luxury hotel. Whether you are headed to Paris or to New Zealand, you can look into the possibility of extra perks. Air New Zealand, for example, has an in-flight concierge service available to all passengers that includes help with airline processes and procedures, as well as top stops at your destination. While your luxury hotel will feature amazing restaurants and shopping savings, you can get a jump on travel planning while still in the air.

If you hop aboard Air France on your way to stay at the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome or the Hotel Le Bristol, no matter what class you choose, you'll receive free champagne on your flight. Sip on a little bubbly from your seat in economy, business, or first class, and enjoy this bit of pampering before you get to your hotel. If you fly Delta, you can also enjoy a quality Todd English-developed menu that boasts updated classics.
You also get to pair all this food, drink, and concierge goodness with work-friendly perks that make your trip less stressful, even if you run into a delay or two. If you take a trip on Singapore Airlines with an Elite Gold status, your important business suit or awards ceremony dress will be treated as a "priority," meaning that it is carefully handled and loaded onto the plane. Keep in mind that you can still have an economy ticket while holding Elite Gold status! When you combine that with WiFi available on selected Jet Blue and American Airline flights in the U.S., it sounds like you'll arrive perfectly caught up with work and ready to look fabulous.

Plus, at least you know that with whole-body imaging, you will feel safe as you enjoy your perks. We'll be keeping an eye out on the official decision regarding the scanning systems, but until then--sip that champagne and kick back!

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