Monday, May 11, 2009

Stretch Your Travel Bucks This Summer

Smaller budgets won't stop you from accomplishing your travel plans this summer, and even if your vacation savings have decreased recently, there are plenty of ways to stretch them in order to kick back and relax this season. The best news? You won't even need to stay in the States to scrimp--you can also head on an international trip within your budget.

The first tip? Consider checking in with a local travel agent to plan your trip. Travel agencies like Lorraine Travel have access to amazing perks and discounts that you simply won't be able to find on your own. By booking through its site - What a Hotel!, for example, you get an amazing package of perks by booking with preferred properties. If you combine your stay at a luxury hotel with frequent flyer credits during the off-season, you can save even more on a trip across the pond.

It's important to stay flexible when you plan your stay at a luxury hotel either in the States or abroad. You'll probably notice that changing your booking from a busy weekend to a softer weekday will result in savings at some resort hotels. By speaking with a travel agent, you'll find out exactly where you can save the most with flexible booking abilities.

By packing a lunch on your way to and from airports and by taking advantages of any memberships that you may have (such as AAA and AARP), you will save even more-- perfect for a spa trip at your luxury hotel.

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