Monday, May 4, 2009

"Travel Therapy" Book Recommends Personalized Destinations

Need a reason to book that vacation? How about relaxing in a luxury hotel to ward off the ill effects of stress or breakups, or to celebrate a major life milestone? A new book by Karen Schaler entitled Travel Therapy: Where Do You Need To Go? is a great option for those hoping for a break, but unsure of exactly where to go.

According to recent press on the travel book, one can take a special quiz in each chapter to get an idea of styling, mood, or taste, and then flip to the diagnosis for a pre-planned trip to address specific areas of concern. Instead of waffling over where in the world to go, you'll soon have that out of the way--and you'll be ready to book that luxury hotel in no time.

Cutting out the drama, bother, and stress in our lives is often the goal when it comes to vacationing, but things can get in the way. From travel destination disagreements to scheduling conflicts, there will always be something that "comes up." Instead of fretting over the details, it sounds like this book can give you a boost. In the "Heartbreak Hotel" chapter of Schaler's guide, we get to try a special quiz that weighs our need for adventure and excitement vs. relaxation and rest. Results include cave tubing in Belize--where you could stay at the Victoria House near San Pedro--or whitewater rafting here in the States.

With another chore out of the way, your vacation planning and luxury hotel booking will be easier than ever.

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