Friday, May 15, 2009

What You Might Find in a Mini-Bar

Looking for a cool break? You might be surprised at what you find in your mini-bar if you're staying in a luxury hotel.

Compulsive shoppers? Beware--you're likely to encounter tasty snacks, cool accessories, and even a faux voodoo kit or two when you go to certain properties.

Omni hotels, for example, allows each of their properties to customize their mini-bars to specific geographic locations. The Omni Sensation Bars, as they are called, offer regional treats like Orange Blossom Pilsner at the Jacksonville location and Lammes Texas Pecan Praline Chewies at the Houston Hotel Westside, and you can also expect a miniature Zen garden in your mini-bar as well as mojito-flavored jellybeans and a sound machine for restless sleepers. If you head onto Omni's New Orleans site, you'll find that you can build your own Love Voodoo Kit for just $10.

The Hotel Gansevoort also has a revamped mini-bar, but it's healthier than Omni options. You can pick up vitamin sprays by Sprayology like Sleep Ease and Travel Ease, and Airborne tablets boost your immune system. Instead of the boring old Snickers and chips, you can find Pirate's Booty in place of potato chips and Cocoa Via dark chocolate complete with antioxidants.

If you'd like more healthy living treats, check out the Four Seasons Westlake Village, which happens to be positioned next door to the California Wellbeing Institute. Not only can you meet with life advisers and wellness experts, but you can raid the mini-bar in your room, called a "private bar," which offers Turkish apricots, wasabi peas, organic Bumble Bars, and dark chocolate stuffed full of antioxidants.

No matter what, you'll be surprised at what you find in your mini-bar at your luxury hotel.

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