Friday, June 5, 2009

Combat Cell Elbow with a Spa Vacation

New studies have revealed that "cell phone elbow" has affected those who use their cells on a regular basis, because an essential nerve can be pinched over an extended period of time. Dr. Leon Benson told CNN that constant cell phone use can "stress out the ulnar nerves," which can actually become scarred and weakened. You may feel tingling in the ring or little finger, and it's imperative you switch arms before it gets worse. If that sounds like something you'd like to avoid, how about hunting down some of the best spa resorts in the world to take care of your pinched and damaged nerves in your arms and back?

To work out your cell elbow, why not hit the southwest, where healthy living feels agreeable when you're surrounded by those interested a fresh perspective on health, diet, and beauty? One night you may be taking in a bright sunset streaking across the desert at Canyon Ranch, Tucson, and the next day you could be targeting work-related stress with spiritual and relaxation classes. You'll get special spa credits through What a Hotel's Exclusive Complementary Perks, and you can book health and healing classes in Medical Services, Behavioral Health Services, Food & Nutrition, Exercise Physiology, and Movement Therapy at the Canyon Ranch, Tucson. When your elbow starts getting back in shape, you might want to look into some of Tucson's outdoor adventure breaks, which include all levels of hiking, horseback riding either near the resort or at a public stable, bird watching, and outdoor family fun. If you get really inspired as your trip in Arizona rolls along, there's always voluntourism, where you can pitch in with Native Seeds, Habitat for Humanity, or the Tucson Botanical Gardens' clean-up program. Don't forget to get a Bluetooth attachment to keep your elbow readjustments in place when you get home, though!

If you're an East Coast vacationer, you might want to head to Canyon Ranch, Miami Beach instead. With 150 guest suites and an oceanside location, you'll get plenty of attention at this newest addition to the Canyon Ranch family. The location was restored far beyond its original luxe, meaning that your spa pampering will be complemented by gawk-worthy surroundings and cordial gathering spaces. If you find yourself getting your elbow worked out with all that shiatsu, Swedish, and hot stone therapy, you might want to ask about Canyon Ranch's exclusive skin care line for a beauty break. Not only will you keep that cell phone elbow away, but you'll be able to enjoy perks that leave you looking rested in the office, too.

You probably won't be feeling that cell phone elbow after all this relaxation, will you?

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