Thursday, June 25, 2009

Employees Now Get Their Space in Montana

Two former employees of a Houston's restaurant were recently awarded damages after filing a federal lawsuit against their past employer. The two made headlines after they were fired from their jobs when a manager gained access into a password-only site and read private commentary on co-workers. Not only were the former employees awarded significant damages (over $13,000), but they received back pay as part of the settlement. Just 24 hours after the settlement, the city of Bozeman, Montana said that they would stop their practice of asking job applicants for their login details for social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and Blogger. They claimed that their request "exceeded that which is acceptable to our community."

Concerns about privacy when you go away on vacation? Going to a small, secluded spot is the easiest way to forget about the busy world (where you've obviously got to safeguard your passwords more than you thought) and is just the ticket for busy parents and professionals alike. La Samanna on the Baie Longue, on the island of St. Martin, is a quiet spot to visit and get away from the bustle. The white stucco Mediterranean resort features lush tropical foliage and an oceanfront location, and they are a member of the Leading Hotels of the World, which ensures a quality experience. Not only has the location been designed for total comfort, but all 81 rooms and suites give guests a view of the ocean. Step out on your private patio after making a stop at the fully stocked bar and wrapping up in a hotel bathrobe. Use that hotel internet sparingly, because you'll be back on Facebook in the city soon enough! If you're usually on holiday in major sightseeing locations, this is one vacation that's strictly for relaxation.

Caneel Bay, A Rosewood Resort, another secluded vacation spot, is located within the Virgin National Park on St. John and offers you the opportunity to "disconnect" from the real world and enjoy devastatingly beautiful surroundings envisioned by founder Laurance Rockefeller. The resort doesn't have any digital distractions, and it also has a much slower pace than what we're used to. Don't even think about MySpace while you're basking on white sand beaches that border 170 acres with hiking trails, tennis courts, shopping spots, and bars for an evening glass of red wine or a whisky on the rocks! It's not a "just me" resort, either, because you're welcome to take the kids along with you to be entertained at Turtle Town, while you spend time at the Self Centre restoring balance with yoga and other classes.

After your break, you'll be ready to tackle the working world with a little more energy.

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