Monday, June 1, 2009

Feeling Susan Boyle's Pain?

Susan Boyle, the singing sensation known for her outstanding "Britain's Got Talent" performance and surprising defeat in the finals, was hospitalized for exhaustion at a private clinic today. The 48-year-old singer was reportedly left "exhausted and emotionally drained" post-defeat, reports CNN. Boyle had previously claimed that she would leave the show before the final competition, and show judge Piers Morgan told the press that her week had been "pretty rough."

If you're feeling the strain of the day-to-day, there are plenty of spots in the States to plan a lavish getaway, on either champagne or Diet Coke budgets. The Winvian might cost $2,000 per night on average, but it is worth it for all the quiet relaxation you'll get in Litchfield Hills, Connecticut, away from the buzz of the city. This area of Northwestern Connecticut is known for its distinct scenery, its mountainous areas, and its close proximity to New York City. Set on 113 acres of woods and lakes, the summer getaway was painstakingly designed by 15 architects and has a special cottage to suit every personality, including a Maritime Cottage and an all-glass Greenhouse Cottage. All meals are included in the cost of your stay when booking through, as well as all liquors in open bars and cottages. Since the Litchfield Hills area is known for its small wine industry, you just might find something tasty tucked away in your cottage.

Should you be looking for a similar location on the West Coast, La Posada de Santa Fe Resort and Spa is located in downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico, but it still evokes a sense of serenity as soon as you step inside. The location, which has a spa on-site, is considered the number one choice for vacationers to Santa Fe and has been featured in National Geographic, Architectural Digest, and Sunset Magazine. Since you'll be located in the center of town, it's easy to step out after a Swedish massage or facial to explore the city square surrounded by historic buildings and 150-year-old cottonwood trees. Be sure to slip to the north side of the plaza, where the Palace of the Governors, the oldest public building in the country, is located. Take a look at the fresh fruit at the Santa Fe Indian Market, and then meander over to the jewelry stands, boutiques, and galleries. From there, you can view the Rio Santa Fe, located near old, converted haciendas and a narrow, winding road.

Those feeling fatigued should take a break to one of these recommended spots--they sure beat a stop to the clinic a la Susan Boyle!

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