Monday, June 15, 2009

Ladies, Get a Vacation to Match the Male Mind

Comedian Steve Harvey recently made an appearance on Oprah to discuss women's expectations for their ideal match. Are women looking for too much? Harvey explains that many are waiting for the perfect guy, but that there's one man (who might not fit all those requirements) wandering around somewhere right now. "He exists today. All you've got to do is stay patient," Harvey said on The Oprah Show. If you've already found that special someone, maybe you're looking for a good guy-friendly vacation for the two of you. Here's what some travel experts recommend.

Vacationing in Spain might be a good pick for the enthusiastic adventure junkie. Whenever you travel to Spain, you've simply got to go to Madrid before you travel to smaller towns like Pamplona, which is only a three hour train ride from the city. Explore Madrid by staying at big, beautiful hotels before your rough-and-tumble tour of Spain. The SC Palacio del Retiro is a totally transformed location by the SC hotel chain and is often considered the best small hotel in all of Madrid, beating out places like the Santo Mauro. It overlooks the Retiro, Madrid's central park, and combines old and new architecture and decoration for a look that'll please you and any adventure-loving guy. You simply have to step out the door of the hotel to get paddling on the boating lake in the center of the park, or take a brisk walk through sculpture exhibits for a combination of culture and exercise. If that's not enough, you'll be pleased to know that ballooning has gotten more and more popular in the Madrid area, and you can take an hour-long trip near the city on the weekends. Why not? You only live once!

Let's say that you crave something wild, farther from the hustle bustle of the city. Chile's the place to be, without a doubt. You can go to Explora Atacama, located in an oasis in the Atacama desert, where you can explore the vast wilderness of this striking desert for yourself. Sign up for a classic trek through your hotel or hotel affiliate, but keep in mind that these trips are physically demanding. Besides the trekking and hiking, you can arrange shorter horseback trips into the desert to explore amazing flora, fauna, and views better than a postcard. Next stop on a Chile-wide tour? Definitely Explora en Rapa Nui, Posada de Mike, which is a new outpost for Explora Rapa Nui and is located right on the edge of southern Easter Island. The lodge looks out over the Pacific Ocean as well as the Rano Raraku Volcano, and it'll make even the most raring-to-go traveler stop and think for just a minute before heading out to view the stunning moai statues and ahu stone platforms.

Even if you're not the one with the travel bug, you might start appreciating these types of vacations once you've accompanied that adventure-travel loving someone across the globe.

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