Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mom's Flex Shopping Muscle

Stores and their representatives are starting to take notice when moms speak up about unnecessary fees and unappetizing deals, and that means they're getting to take advantage of more impressive savings to suit their needs. As Gap spokeswoman Louise Callagy told the press, "[Moms] are the voice of our customers, and we are working harder to develop and maintain their trust and respond to their feedback.” Corporate America has been paying more attention to consumer responses on forums and blogs, so Moms are getting more deals when looking for clothing, shopping for supplies, and even browsing for travel savings.

Some countries' four and five-star hotels are so opulent that you feel your every need can be catered to immediately. While the standards for hotel ratings might be carefully determined and carried out, some hotels' common areas, layouts, and amenities are extra special, particularly in conjunction with the excellent service you'll be receiving. Head to Qatar in the Middle East to experience some of the world's most luxurious hotels in a stunning location like Doha. The Four Seasons Hotel Doha gives guests a breathtaking view of the Arabian Gulf that knows no price, but budget-minded vacationers will be glad to know that the location has Exclusive Complementary Perks when booking through as well as a "Fourth Night Free" deal through September 30, 2009. Settle into your hotel overlooking the sparkling city and beautiful water, and then get ready for a day of shopping in one of the Middle East's economic hubs. The Hyatt Plaza Mall is one of the best-known locations to get a deal, and it's fantastic for bargains from international purveyors.

The Middle East is a place where your money counts, and Saudi Arabia shows off how glamour should be done. The Four Seasons Riyadh features plenty of services and amenities for families and businesspeople, and there's only going to be more options in the future. Reports claim that Riyadh is planning to open up 1,530 rooms for tourism by 2010, and that developers are currently working overtime to make your experience even better. For those looking to save, you'll be glad to know that the Riyadh Tourism Bureau started a special program to offer free sightseeing tours of the city earlier this year. Swing by the Duty-Free in the International Airport on your way out of the city post-vacation, as a way to commemorate your trip to a place where Old World and the cutting-edge combine and save a little money.

Looking for a place where you can shop, enjoy plenty of perks, and luxuriate in an exotic environment? The Middle East might be for you.

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