Monday, June 1, 2009

Top Jobs Created by Obama Keep Us Safe

President Barack Obama announced at the end of last week that he will be creating the position of cyber security coordinator to secure "America's digital infrastructure." The lucky new addition will be hand-picked by the President to protect our online activities, which includes taking out our credit cards to pay for travel arrangements, reserve tours and special activities, and book hotels through With all this attention being placed on internet activities, how do you know if your travel agency can be trusted?

Don't take a chance while President Obama is still choosing this important person to protect national security. Taking precautions is always smart, no matter where you live and how many online travel bookings you make per year.

As you might know, What a Hotel! is owned and managed by Lorraine Travel of Coral Gables, Florida, which has been in operation since 1948. One of the largest privately-owned travel management companies in Florida, Lorraine Travel has organized trips for high-profile clients like government representatives, private companies, and prestigious academic institutions with commendable reviews.

If security is extremely important to you, you should look into visiting some of the safest countries in the world for a worry-free stay. Norway is considered one of the safest, often topping the lists with low unemployment rates and an immeasurable illiteracy rate. There are few delays, and travelers who hate changing their plans will love exploring cities like Oslo and Bergen, where things "run like clockwork." Consider staying at the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel in Oslo, which is right next door to the Express Train Station and close to the city's new commercial district. New Zealand offers an entirely different environment for the enthusiastic traveler, but it is also considered a very safe place to travel, as well as Ireland, Japan, and Denmark.

Here's to a safe summer, thanks to Lorraine Travel and President Obama.

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