Tuesday, June 30, 2009

US Soccer - A New Game?

Brazil’s victory against the United States 3-2 may have been a disappointment, but everyone who loves a good game certainly had an interesting time tuning in and checking out the action. Are you a sports enthusiast looking for international excitement? Why not combine two of your favorite things—soccer and traveling? You can catch a regional game or just a pick-me-up scrimmage at any time of the year, and hunting down English-speaking locals who love a friendly debate and a round or two is guaranteed to be a real blast. It’s not easy being the lone USA supporter, but as long as you bond first with a few well-placed compliments, you’ll be ready to hang out in any central sports-loving bar in the city. You might not be joined by your partner if you’re traveling as a couple, but this is a great way to make friends while the other half hits museums, galleries, and shops.


If you’re going to catch some “futbol,” or soccer, in South America, Brazil's a great place to start. They've won the World Cup five times and truly love soccer, and an experience viewing a game in Brazil is something you'll never forget--even if it's just on the bar's TV. For prime location close to great bars and cool places to meet and great, book a stay in the Hotel Fasano Rio de Janeiro, which is situated right on Ipanema Beach. This popular spot is known for its tasteful designer décor, but it also happens to be an important meeting point for Brazilian society and has a bar called “Londra” with live music downstairs. If you're really into exercise, stop at the fitness room, do some crunches and run a few laps on the treadmill, and then check out a Brazilian soccer game. Ask the friendly front desk what they recommend, because if there are no games going on at the moment, you can also catch a neighborhood game in one of the boroughs nearby--with a guide, of course! Another perfect location in Rio is the Copacabana Palace Hotel, which is an iconic tourist hot spot situated on Copacabana Beach, Rio's most popular beach and meeting place for both the rich and poor. When you hang out on the sand, you can catch more sports: the beach is a good place to watch volleyball and enthusiastic Kadima games in the surf!


If you'd like to check out Europe, be sure to book a stay in an Italian city. Not only will you save plenty through WhataHotel.com's Exclusive Complimentary Perks program, but you will be able to play a little bocci ball while you talk athletics with some incredibly passionate locals. Book a stay at the Four Seasons Hotel Milano, which has 118 rooms and suites with individual flair. Italian touches help you stay in the moment: from the marble bath to the carefully developed wine list, you won't forget that you're vacationing away in Italy. For those who will be traveling to several cities, which we highly recommend, we urge you to try the Four Seasons HotelFirenze, which is located a comfortable distance from any other city in Italy, and is located close to the many galleries and museums that make the country such a popular tourist destination. With all the distractions in this treasure trove of a town, you can easily slip away for an afternoon of sports watching.

Nothing like two of your favorite activities coming together for a successful week or two of traveling. Who knows? Maybe you'll see a US victory come up on the screen. Just be sure not to cheer too loudly!

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