Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Book Your Flights Now--Or Drive!

Did you know that the airline industry is continuing to evolve, especially now that they are facing their slow season? Earning reports for April through June this week showed airlines are doing their best to raise revenues, which means that there will be fewer nonstop flights and less convenient travel options coming up soon. In fact, MSNBC hinted that there could be higher ticket prices and fees, while capacity gets reduced all around. This a perfect excuse to use a travel agency—they'll find the best deals for you, and fast! If you can't book in advance and take hold of fleeting deals, you'll definitely need to enlist professional assistance to help you get a good deal, and on more than one vacation. Even if you don't fly, you can get a deal on a rental car, a hotel booking, and on all different types of complimentary perks available through partnerships and deals.

Cutbacks for Business Travelers
Are you the type of traveler who needs to arrive somewhere at a certain time? You'll be hit the hardest with new trip rerouting, layovers, and limited service, so you'll need to plan in advance to arrive at your destination with ease. The following cutbacks will be in effect this fall:

Southwest: Southwest will be eliminating service as of November 1st from Columbus, Ohio, to Philadelphia, and from Oakland, California, to Nashville, Tennessee.

Delta: Delta Air Lines will be suspending service from Atlanta to Shanghai and Seoul, and from Cincinnati, Ohio to London (Gatwick) and Frankfurt.

American Airlines: Affiliate American Eagle will be ending nonstop service in St. Louis to Charlotte, North Carolina, Philadelphia, Tulsa, Cedar Rapids, and Springfield-Branson, Missouri. On November 19th, non-stop service will also stop running from St. Louis to Las Vegas and San Diego.

US Airways Group: US Airways will be eliminating service between Pittsburgh and Los Angeles and Pittsburgh and San Francisco. Services from Philly to Milan, Brussels, Belgium, and Zurich will be suspended until March 2010.

Despite the negative-sounding news, US Airways chief Doug Parker made things sound slightly upbeat in a recent address. Sales on fares might continue into fall, and Parker admitted that leisure travel bookings have increased along with business traveler bookings in some areas. If all this sounds confusing to you, perhaps takign a drive to a nearby luxury hotel is more your style—and there are plenty of deals to be had at WhataHotel.com! If you click on What a Hotel!'s Specials page, you'll find nights completely free with a certain number of nights booked, including places like the Four Seasons Resort Aviara (third night free), and the Four Seasons New York (third night free). The St. Regis Hotel New York even has a deal right now where you can book a second night at the hotel for only $4 when you book a suite at the regular for the first night. There are additional deals available in Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Washington, New Mexico, and Texas, for example, so it's definitely worth checking out.

Are you going to be saving up for a fall trip? Will you go the road route, or book your flight now to save?

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