Tuesday, July 14, 2009

El Conquistador

Puerto Rico might be close to the States, but it will surprise you when you visit. The beaches in Puerto Rico range from the quiet and secluded seaside spots to the popular type of seaside resort filled with tourists from all over the world. If you're planning on a vacation around the island, visit San Juan, which is a perfect place to people-watch and play around with the kids on a family-friendly beach. For surfers and other adventure types, you might want to go to the western area of Puerto Rico, which offers a great opportunity to take a class or two with a local and learn about a common Puerto Rican pastime (while picking up a skill). For those who aren't interested in the adventurous side of things, there's always shopping local crafts at multiple marketplaces, visiting historical buildings and sites, and enjoying the best hotel for the money.

When you start checking out the possibilities for Puerto Rico attractions, you'll be impressed—and you might not even be able to fit everything on your list. The Toro Negro State Forest and Lookout Tower is a great natural forest with cool panoramic views, small creeks, a fresh water lake, and plenty of bird watching in the area. You can hike the trails and then grab a snack at one of the local spots, and if you're up to it, you can even head up the two tallest peaks in Puerto Rico (Cerro Punta and Cerro La Rosa). Just a 15-minute drive from San Juan, the Bacardi Run Distillery treats visitors to a “Cathedral of Rum,” which allows you to check out the Bacardi Family Museum as well as the amazing pavilion for views of San Juan Bay. There are arts and crafts sold on-site as well, so you can go double-duty and pick up presents for everyone back home. The Camuy River State Park has got to top that sites list as well, because it features both sinkholes and caves to explore, as well as a cafeteria, gift shop, and other tourist-friendly additions.

Excited about the possibilities, and looking for somewhere to stay in Puerto Rico? Located 31 miles from San Juan International Airport, The El Conquistador Resort is a stunning location for vacationers. After a lengthy and thorough renovation, it is currently one of the largest and most lavish resorts in the Caribbean. With 750 guest rooms, you can experience a stay in a room high above the striking cliffs, or perched near the marina down below instead. Hi-tech touches include iPod docks for you to enjoy something from home as you check out your flat screen TV and cruise on the super-fast Internet. While there isn't a beach on the property, you can take a dip in any one of the eight pools they have on-site or the Coqui Water Park, which has three slides to deliver you to various pools on the property. Wheee! Sound delicious? There's even more: the hotel has a private island with a ferry service that will take guests straight over for a true treat. Dine at Cafe Bella Vista for an enjoyable dining experience.

Are you ready for a luxury vacation in Puerto Rico?

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