Saturday, July 11, 2009

Gadgets Kids Love on the Road

Heading out on a road trip is the perfect way to save money traveling, and it also allows you to spend more quality time with your child when you hit the highway. While it can be fun to try out old-fashioned roadside games and riddles, all of us need a break (and the quiet of the road) from time to time. recently listed a comprehensive collection of gadgets that are easy to find, cool to use, and an excellent way to keeps kids quiet as they travel. Don't wait for that luxury hotel to provide what your kids need, but get everything in motion while you are still on the road!

*Magic Markers: Don't be afraid if the upholstery looks like it could be endangered. There are special packs (Crayola Stow 'n' Gos) that help kids draw only on the notebook pages (the ink doesn't show up anywhere else), and they've been tested to prove it! Have your older children save up the energy before they start hiking at the San Ysidro Ranch, which features 17 miles of hiking trails and a heated swimming pool in Santa Barbara, California, when they use Stow 'n' Gos.

*Friendly Skies: Spinning block toys are great for kids on the go. While some kids have difficulty keeping blocks in place, you can read through these books with an auto-narration that helps you check out each version out loud.

*Road Games: Look for something in English and Spanish to teach your kid new words and provide a little educational fun while you're zooming along to your luxury hotel of choice. Riddle games are a great way to keep your kid active when you're feeling run-down and can't muster up winning or witty to say.

*Magnetic Mazes: Magnetic, colorful mazes help you keep things clean in the car—no loose pieces! Your child can use a magnetized wand to move tiny magnetic balls through a “track.”

*Texturized Toys: Wrapped bundles and bunches are amazing for the enthusiastic backseat player. A bundle of intertwined tabs and shapes will make your kid very happy, and this item is easily to tote along with the family when you're piling into the car for a vacation like one at the Stowe Mountain Lodge in Vermont, which offers plenty of diversion for the active child and Exclusive Complimentary Perks from

*Tag, You're It: Books with interactive features are great for those taking a road trip to the luxury hotel of their choice. The Tag Junior Book Pal has written words, sound effects, and songs—you can even get it to record and “say” your kid's name.

Don't forget that these games won't just work for the car—once you've bought them and tested out, bring them on the ferry and planes as well. The Fairmont Southhampton, for example, has a cool fab family deal with Exclusive Complimentary Perks through running until August 20th, and you get 50% off your second room and more! It's a smart time to book a hotel stay like this one, packing a few treats in your bag along the way. Considering that this hotel offers balconies or terraces for all rooms and plenty of delicious culinary treats, you'll be pleased at what it offers adults, too. The Canyon Ranch, Tucson also offers an airfare credit, so it might be easier to fly with the kids than you thought.

Have you picked up any other tips and tricks on the road when you are going to your luxury hotel?

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