Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wonder the World

In 2007, the New Seven Wonders of the World were named after an extensive voting process, after about 100 million votes were cast. It's now time for the New 7 Wonders of Nature voting to get underway, but don't get too excited: the decision won't be made until 2011! There's already a Facebook page with 77,000+ fans, a Twitter account (2,130 followers), and nearly 300 YouTube videos dedicated to an assortment of natural sites around the world—prior to the 28 semifinalists being named for the voting to begin.

Campaigning continues at a frenetic pace, and we're all curious why some natural wonders like Victoria Falls and the Serengeti seemed missing from the list. Maybe it will make sense when the winners come to surface in 2011, but until then, we're planning on visiting the New Wonders named in '07 to kick things off.

Great Wall of China
The Great Wall is a tourist attraction for many a vacationer in China. First built in 7th century B.C. and extending for 4,000 miles westward, the Great Wall is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is visited by countless numbers of tourists every year. The Commune by the Great Wall Kempinski is often described as an architectural museum, but even if it weren't, you'd definitely stay here anyway: the location is perfect. You get to stay in the Chinese countryside, but in supreme comfort—you can examine the rolling land outside your room through floor-to-season windows.

Petra is considered Jordan's most valuable treasure, and the rose-red world wonder must be seen to be believed. The city is massive, dusty-pink, and dwarfing, and you can easily visit it on a day trip from a comfortable stay in a hotel like the Four Seasons Amman, which is furnished in comfortable European décor and familiar amenities to any tourist. Loll in the king-sized bed and toss about the king-sized pillows for a luxury experience before your hike—and then don't forget your hat on the hike.

Christ the Redeemer
Ahhh... Rio. Not only can you hike up the trail to this gigantic statue looking out over Rio de Janeiro, but you can hire a helicopter and guide to take you up and around the stunning site for around $300 an hour (not bad if you're splitting the price). When in Rio, stay at one of the best luxury hotels in Rio.

Curious about other new wonders? The list included:
  • Machu Picchu
  • Chichen Itza
  • Roman Colosseum
  • Taj Mahal
  • Great Pyramid (Honorary Candidate)
Where will you be going?

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