Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Montage Laguna Beach

Are you looking for a special deal somewhere in the States? It feels like wherever we look, we find sneaky “deals” that aren't really as we might have thought. This definitely isn't the case with Montage Laguna Beach, which offers more than Exclusive Complimentary Perks through Your Insider Access at the time of booking allows you a special upgrade, which means you pay for a lower category of hotel room than what you actually receive. Combine this with the sweeping vistas of Laguna Beach and tons of special activities to do for tourists 'round town, and Montage Laguna Beach is looking like the perfect place to spend a few nights at.

What makes Montage Laguna Beach so special? Sitting on 30 acres of lush, landscaped property, this resort features outstanding views of the Pacific Ocean and amazing craftsman-style architecture. While it feels out of the way, it happens to be directly in the heart of the Laguna Beach community, situated between San Diego and Los Angeles. Take your pick between three different accommodation types to suit your budget and your needs, such as guestrooms, luxurious bungalows, or comfortable, large suites. Take a look around your classic surroundings with just a hint of rustic detailing, such as the Early California artwork and dark wood furnishings. When you're not out enjoying the weather (and the view), why not soak in the deep bathtub, take a tropical rain shower in the marble bathroom, and then enjoy a movie on your room's flat screen TV? When night falls in your suite or bungalow, sink down into goose down pillows and 400-thread count bed linens, and take a look at the elegant turn-of-the-century décor before falling firmly to sleep.

After you've finally looked around your resort and taken all the pictures you want (probably a lot!), it's time to explore Laguna Beach and see what it's all about. Laguna Beach's Crystal Cove Beach has 3.5 miles of beach and 2,000 acres of undeveloped woodlands, which is great for horseback riders and hikers alike. Even though you're relatively close to Los Angeles, you'll feel like you are far away from civilization when you explore this quiet cove. Take a look at tide pools, have a dip in the ocean, and consider doing something even more daring like skin diving or surfing. The Laguna Coast Wilderness Park is another amazing place to explore if you can tear yourself away from the Montage Laguna Beach, with the only natural lakes in Orange County, and some of the last remaining coastal canyons in the region. If you're less the exercise type and more the foodie type, you can take a trip to one of Laguna Beach's breweries like the Ocean Avenue Restaurant and Brewery, which has a brewpub vibe with more eclectic Italian and Mediterranean selections. If you are in Laguna Beach for a special reason, you can also reserve the restaurant for events and parties to suit your requirements. Be sure to try a microbrew! After a delicious meal, why not finish up the night with a trip to the Laguna Playhouse, which features community shows that have received critical acclaim for their excellence?

Where will you be going when you stay at Montage Laguna Beach?

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