Monday, July 20, 2009

Six Figure Towns

The “six-figure” towns that draw a wealthy crowd aren't at all what we might imagine! From Connecticut to Illinois, they are hardly the big, sleek towns you picture, instead being mostly the type of sleepy spots you'd find dotted around America (with a few more Old and New Money types around, of course). If you're looking for a town that's perfect for sightseeing, why not visit towns with plenty of character and things to do? You'll be able to wander around for a day, pick up a souvenir or two, and take plenty of pictures of idyllic farms and fields, manicured homes and yards, and even a winding stone wall if your stop is in New England. Certainly those U.S. towns with the highest density of rich professionals can't be bad, and it's up to you to see a part of America that many other tourists miss!

Western Springs, Illinois
Western Springs is a wealthy suburb of Chicago, formed by Quaker settlements that turned a community into a special village now favored by doctors, engineers, and lawyers. While the streets were once filled with old-fashioned Victorian homes, they are now partly replaced with new luxury homes. This well-known Illinois suburb boasts several parks, country clubs, and a theatre school, and is know as a “playground of the rich.”

If you're planning on stopping by this town, try staying in Chicago and making your trip to Western Springs a special outing. The Four Seasons Chicago is located in a 66-story building on Michigan Avene, and it happens to feature plenty of shopping spots downstairs like Bloomingdale's and Gucci. With quiet, neutral interiors and comforting amenities, you might not want to leave your room, but if you do, there's an indoor pool and full-service spa waiting for you--as well as Western Springs, of course.

Redding, Connecticut
Mark Twain reportedly commented on the beauty of Redding, Connecticut, and he's just one of many notable individuals to have made a home there. Mary Travers of Peter, Paul, and Mary fame as well as director Barry Levinson are also area celebrities of note. Because Redding is closely connected to Manhattan, Stamford, and Westchester Country, many people who have commuting necessities can make this green and gorgeous place a home (or second home).

If you plan to drive out to Redding one day while staying in Manhattan, why not plan a special city getaway to contrast with your vacationing in the countryside? The Mark New York will open this month, in July '09, and occupies a special Art Deco building on a leafy New York City street. The Four Seasons New York is yet another fabulous option, with hundreds of rooms with a special view of the city. They don't just have a fantastic spa, but they also provide amazing service for every tourist.

Which rich towns will you be headed to?

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