Saturday, August 1, 2009

Four Seasons Tops Ritz Carlton

Did you know that the Ritz-Carlton has now fallen behind the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts as the best hotel in the country in an annual poll? Michael Drago, director of global hospitality and travel practice at at J.D. Power and Associates in Westlake Village, the conductor of the 2009 North American Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study, said that guests didn't even mind paying more for their stay, and that “The average spent per night on room rates and fees is more than 10% greater at the Four Seasons than at the Ritz, and yet the satisfaction [with costs] is dramatically higher.” In general, guests were happier with their hotel stays, and the experts are weighing in that part of the reason behind the ease might be the economy. We're happier with service and extra perks, and part of that might be because hotels are sweetening the deal to draw in new visitors and tourists. There are also fewer reservation mistakes, so you run a greater chance of enjoying your stay at your luxury hotel with nary a blip.

As for top Four Season hotels, you'll surely be happily Tweeting away when you visit. With such an impressive rate of customer satisfaction, you'll soon be letting everyone know how your stay is going. Whether you stick with the Four Seasons, extensively covered as a partner, or the Ritz-Carlton, also available at WhataHotel!, we know you'll enjoy your stay—the facts don't lie!

If you're stumped on a possible hotel to explore on your next vacation, here are just a few Four Seasons hotels we suggest:

*Four Seasons Hotel Firenze: Located in Tuscany, the Four Seasons Hotel Firenze situates you perfectly for exploring the countryside. Dating back to Roman times, Florence is a treasure trove of old buildings, artifacts, museums, and artistic relics for the viewing. The hotel claims that they are “close to everything that matters,” and it's true. Great for sightseers and history buffs!
*Four Seasons Dublin: The Four Seasons Hotel Dublin offers spacious quarters where you can explore the city and all it has to offer. They have a fantastic spa on-site for massage, masks, pedicures, and more.
*Four Seasons New York: This hotel classic soars in Manhattan as the highest hotel, and hundreds of rooms have a stunning view. Designed by I.M. Pei, this hotel is a truly amazing New York lodging option.
*Four Seasons Hotel Mexico, D.F.: Prepare yourself for excellence in an advantageous location: this Four Seasons spot is found near the National Museum of Anthropology, the Chapultepec Park, and lots of shopping and residential areas. Take it in and then retire to your oversized guest room overlooking a courtyard.
*Four Seasons Hotel London: Opening post-renovation in 2010, this hotel is located near the traditional Bond Street and Knightsbridge shopping spots. The Four Seasons Hotel London offers a restaurant overlooking a private garden for lunch and dinner as well as high-speed internet and large banquet rooms.

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