Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Man Loses Winning Lottery Ticket

A 69-year-old Florida man has lost a scratch-off ticket that he had purchased at Gold Coast Liquors on Lake Worth Road, and it just might become part of the pile of unclaimed tickets that are investigated on case-by-case basis. Too upset to even discuss it with the press at length, Louis Tolentino said that he had received the confirmation receipt of the $500,000 winnings, but on the way home, he got lost. Stopping at a West Palm Beach gas station for directions, Tolentino said that someone had gotten a little too close for comfort behind him in line, and that when he got home, the ticket was missing from his back pocket. The one-time New York City cab driver said that he filed reports with the police and called the Florida Lottery.

$83 million of Florida lottery winnings were unclaimed from 2007 through 2008, so it sounds like Tolentino might become one of the unluckiest group of all: those who strike it rich and lose everything, barely even knowing it. Had he written his name and address on the back of the ticket after realizing it was a winner, things would probably be different, and would have facilitiated a ticket claim. For now, Tolentino must wait and pray for good fortune—and quite a few people are hoping that things turn out well for the retiree with a simultaneous lucky (and unlucky) streak.

For those who are already fortunate or are ready to emerge from this recession with some savings, luxury hotels will be waiting, because you don't have to be a lottery winner to take advantage of some of the very best hotels & resorts around the world. With Exclusive Complimentary Perks and special deals, you just might find yourself hobnobbing with the rich and famous sans lotto luck.

Looking for some location suggestions? Here are some North American spots you simply can't miss:

The Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa
This resort is the only one with a Frank Lloyd Wright-influenced design, and it's been a destination and state landmark since 1929. With a gourmet restaurant, an 18-hole championship putting course, 8 swimming pools, and 7 tennis courts, it's easy to feel like a millionaire as you enjoy the interesting Arizona landscape and climate.

Taj Boston
Located between Arlington and Newbury, the Taj Boston is a must-visit spot in Massachusetts for anyone enamored with traditional-style hotels in prime locations. Despite being just 3 miles away from Logan Airport, the hotel overlooks the park and its charming swan boat rides that top the "to do" list for many Boston tourists. After a complete restoration in 2002, the Taj Boston is ready more than ever to receive special guests from around the world, and provide them with award-winning service.

Jumeirah Essex House
This was voted the Leading Hotel 2007 in North America by the World Travel Awards, and it's got a prime location along with a stunning interior and amenities. Located at Central Park South, this hotel is perfectly situated for those looking to explore much of New York on foot: it's close to Times Square, Carnegie Hall, Radio City Music Hall, and Lincoln Center. Opened in 1931, the Jumeirah Essex House rises 44 floors into the sky.

The Arrabelle, Vail Square
The newly developed Vail Square was architecturally inspired by European city squares nestled near the Alps, and isn't that the perfect place to go when planning your wintertime ski holiday? This hotel has 36 guest rooms with an additional set of condo units that can accommodate larger parties with 2-5 bedrooms. At night, the specially-designed square simply glows against the backdrop of slopes and drifts, and if you forget for a minute, you're going to think you're in a luxury alpine resort right in the middle of Europe.

Four Seasons Washington, D.C.
This Four Seasons is an art-filled Washington, D.C. location with 26 suites amongst its 200-plus room offerings. Step through the glass-protected hallways that separates the east and west wings, zip in for a lavish dinner at the Seasons restaurant, and don't forget to squeeze in a workout before you tour the town.

If Louis Tolentino gets his trouble sorted out, we hope he'll be heading off to celebrate at a luxury hotel. Even if he doesn't get that $500K payout, he could still book one of the specials across WhataHotel !

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