Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Staycations - Not Very Healthy !

In the economic downturn, you've probably heard recommendation after recommendation of a staycation, a creative new at-home family activity, or something similar. Sometimes, penny pinching means that you can't take the vacations you want to, but it shouldn't prevent you from taking some kind of trip away from town, says MSNBC. It's hard to unwind when you've still got most of the responsibilities staring you in the face (minus the job), and your health could even be at stake when you head back to the job without getting a proper wind-down session. If you have children, the situation could be even worse, because your kids won't have memories to share with their friends and classmates, and they won't get to experience another way of living, whether or not it's the West Coast, Europe, Disneyland, or a camping trip near the mountains. How about taking a look at what MSNBC suggests?

Karen Schaler is a journalist and a correspondent, and she talked to MSNBC about her experiences traveling. Her book, “Travel Therapy,” highlights how to use travel to heal a broken heart, solve stresses, and make one feel healthier. "Travel can empower people," she said. "I really believe you can change your attitude by changing your environment." When Schaler travels, she heads to Hawaii to do a little surfing with her mother, which is just the right prescription for her certain needs. You might need something different, but you don't need to be afraid of running out of traveling funds if you rely on special deals, a healthy web search, and the advice of your travel agent. Since many hotels and resorts have been offering “third night free” deals and certain percentages off, it's easy to craft your vacation to suit your budget, even when you're checking out luxury hotels. By adjusting the actual travel distance you need to go, you'll find that you can afford the very best, even if you're making a hop-skip to the next big city near you.

Patricia Gerbarg, M.D., says that “Vacations are important. People are constantly surrounded by demands, constantly adding stress, so our stress response is overactive." By changing our routines ever so slightly, we can allow our body to recharge its parasympathetic nervous system. Even a free bike rental in one of many U.S. cities can do the trick, so do the legwork and try to find something that suits your needs. Take a look at some of these amazing hotels sprinkled around the States as a jumping-off point!

*Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain: Sanctuary boasts 98 casitas with amazing panoramic views of the mountains and beyond—perfect for the traveler who's usually stuck in the office! This intimate retreat offers plenty of spa treatments and a great fitness center for classes and private workout sessions to get you back on track.

*Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans: This hotel is just a minute's walk to Bourbon Street and a 15-minute walk to Harrah's Casino and the Aquarium of the Americas. Guestrooms are laid out perfectly for relaxation, like full-length windows, high 10-foot windows, and amazing sheets for late-morning snoozing.

*Fairmont Copley Plaza: Since its gala opening in 1912, the Fairmont Copley Plaza is a well-known hotel landmark on the hospitality scene. After its special renovation on the 383 guestrooms and suits, the Fairmont is poised to receive guests more than it ever has been before. Fairmont Gold, a special hotel program with a high degree of service for discerning guests, is also offered.

*Four Seasons Atlanta: Elegant and gracious, you'll slip into the southern pace in no time when you're visiting Four Seasons Atlanta. Built in the '90s, this hotel was later acquired by the Four Seasons and given a $65 million renovation. Bring your pets under 15 pounds—they are welcome!

Isn't it time you headed out on a proper vacation?

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