Thursday, August 6, 2009

Road Trip Anyone ?

With gas prices substantially lower than they were last year at this time, you might consider an August/September road trip with the family to enjoy the countryside, stopping off at exciting cities and hitting luxury hotels in a comfortable radius! With a little planning, you can enjoy the thrill of the open road combined with the creature comforts of some of the best hotels in North America. From prairies to city blocks, snap pictures and explore all day—but be sure to find time to rest up at night, and even hit the spa from time to time to take advantage of all the perks offered by your hotel of choice. It's time like these when you should pore over a hotel specials list from WhataHotel! to see if you'll extend your trip when you reach the destination of choice—how about a “get one night free” deal? They're available all over North America!

Where Are Some Places to Stay?
Before you get that car packed up, have a peek at some of's top hotels around the country, which just scrapes the surface of all that there is to offer.

The Mansion on Peach Tree, Georgia: Plenty of gardens and a restaurant pavilion gives you your own little oasis right in Atlanta. Designed by Robert Stern, this important hotel soars 42 stories into the sky and features 127 luxury hotel rooms. Get ready for a nice change of view before you hit the road again!

Four Seasons Chicago: Nothing like a refined break after roughing it in the car for the day, even if you were having fun. With more than 100 stores below the 66-story building, you can pick up a lovely traveling outfit or a bag from Gucci or at Bloomingdale's before dining on American or French cuisine at the Four Seasons Chicago restaurant.

Hotel Ivy, Minneapolis: Stay in this exclusive hotel for a mini-break of Guthrie Theatre, Orchestra Hall, Nicollet Mall, and the Convention Center. Be sure to stop at Minneapolis's only luxury spa club, the Ivy Spa Club, and then go to Frye & Porter to chow down on some amazing food. You've got to keep your strength to keep on driving!

Four Seasons St. Louis: This Four Seasons destination is situated in a prime location for tourists looking to explore all that St. Louis has to offer—maybe in a flash. There's plenty of shopping in the area, and you can also swing by Lumiere Place for gaming and fun. The resort-style pool is an amazing place to relax when you're gearing up to go.

Four Seasons Philadelphia: If you've been traveling the countryside and you need a city break, this might be a smart stop for you. The Four Seasons Philadelphia boasts a prime location near shopping and sightseeing, and it can also serve as your "base" when you want to explore Longwood Gardens and Atlantic City.

What Should I Get for My Adventure?
Now that you know where you want to stay, here are some important things to pack. Use some of that money that you're saving on with lower gas prices, and get some travel gadgets!

GPS: The Garmin nuvi 500 was recommended, thanks to its quick-load maps numbering 500 (both street and topographic). If you'll be headed out on the water, you can also buy inland water maps from Garmin and ensure you don't get lost anywhere.

Survival Kits: Always be prepared! A 72 Emergency Survival Kit from 4 Survival to Go packs a punch with 2,400 calories of emergency food, 750 ml of drinkinItalicg water, a poncho, flashlight, first aid kit, a bivy sack, and even a deck of cards to pass the time before rescue.

Auto/Air Power Adapter: Innergie produces an mCube90 DC, which you can plug into your car's DC outlet and charge two devices, including most laptops, and it's hardly even bigger than a hotel bar of soap!

Broadband2GoModem: Buy this Virgin Mobile USA gadget to plug into your computer and get 3G wireless Internet access, with plans starting at $10. While it might not be useful while exploring the great and vast wilderness, it's good for city-to-city hops when you'll be in populated areas.

Rechargeable Blender: Olé! If margaritas sound like a good idea for you when you kick back in your hotel, it might be time to buy a Coleman Rechargeable Portable Blender, which is equipped with AC and DC chargers. You can go 20-30 pitchers' full before you need to charge up again.

Where will your great American tour take you?

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