Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Avoid These Common Travel Blunders

We've all been there: the keys locked in the car, the lost suitcase (the one with all the essentials!), the broken GPS, the most confusing city streets in the world. If it weren't for these travel hitches, your vacation would probably be less enjoyable—because you get to laugh about it later, and your vacation will be much more memorable as well. Why not keep this in mind when you're planning that special vacation where one or two things might go wrong—and be sure to read this list to avoid some of the most common travel mistakes. We're not taking any responsibility for the ones that sneak up and surprise you, though! Vacations are hardly ever predictable, especially when you're the adventurous type.

Lost in the Lot
Can't find that nondescript rental car in the lot? You are not alone. Take a picture of the parking lot number to keep it always at the ready on your phone, or write it down on the back of your receipt for your parking validation. It also helps to remind the other person you're with of where you parked—two memories are better than one!—and look for any strange landmarks on your way to your destination. This can also happen at home, so you might be able to use these tips in advance.

Credit Card Shut-Downs
If you don't tell your credit/debit card companies that you'll be traveling, there's a chance that your cards will be blocked (and at the worst moment, too). Call ahead and have them make a note on your account, but don't forget to add their numbers into your phone in case your card gets blocked, anyway.

Itinerary Freak-Outs
Forget your booking number, your pass, or your receipt? Email copies of everything to yourself—including scans—and that way you can hit the internet kiosk in the airport, bus station, or local corner to print off the receipts of everything you need. You can also leave yourself a voice mail with the essential information, or send yourself a text with everything you could need.

Horrid Food
You're hungry, but you know that the international flight you're on won't exactly be serving up tasty cuisine. Stow some delicious nutrition bars in your purse or bag, and just don't forget the requirements for the TSA in terms of gels and liquids.

Avoid As Much Stress as Possible
One way to reduce stress on the road is to book yourself a stay in a hotel or resort that takes care of a lot of the nitty gritty for you. When there is valet parking, luxury services, and plenty of attendants to help keep you organized, you'll experience fewer hitches while you enjoy your vacation.

Canyon Ranch, Tucson
Not only is Canyon Ranch having some amazing sales right now on luxury stays at their location, but they are a favored retreat for celebrities and the well-to-do. Your stay includes all meals, so you don't need to worry about paying separately during your stay, and your food is prepared to exacting standards. You can have a private health consultation, take exercise classes, and relax on your porch to enjoy the stunning desert sunset.

Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay
On a special slope in Bali affording stunning views, this Four Seasons Resort features 147 luxurious villas that total a sprawling 2,100 feet. You get separate pavilions for living, dining, and sleeping, and a private plunge pool to enjoy at your villa. No lost gear at the pool for you. . .

Four Seasons Resort Aviara
With Exclusive Complimentary Perks and a perfect location overlooking Batiquitos Lagoon, the Four Seasons Resort Aviara is Southern California's new luxury point of relaxation. The Spanish colonial layout competes with the draw of an Arnold Palmer Golf Course, and guests can keep busy with a full-service spa, tennis courts, fitness center, and kids' programs for travelers with family along for the trip. Excellent service means fewer hang-ups when you're exploring!

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