Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Consumers Get Even!

Justine Gabbard is just one of many consumers who has taken to the internet to complain about unfair treatment: she was charged by Bank of America for the second time without even bouncing a check, to the tune of $400! After uploading her message onto YouTube, she got plenty of hits, and lots of responses too—in fact, consumers everywhere are enjoying her “message in a bottle” as a way of lashing back at company abuse. Thousands of other bank customers responded angrily after explaining that they, too, had been charged exorbitant fees, and some even included detailed messages on taking their complaints to small claims court. While Youtube is a hotbed for consumer complaints, Twitter is another way to reach companies quickly and find a solution to website issues, customer service problems, and even just a medium to get questions answered more quickly.

It can be hard to deal with consumer disappointments, especially when you are on vacation. Instead of booking just any hotel or motel on you rnext trip, you'll relax far more when you're staying in a luxury hotel. Contrary to popular belief, luxury hotels aren't just for the uber-rich, although you might feel like it. Prices of rooms and suites all over the world, in name-brand properties, are being marked down for your booking pleasure, and this is the time to start shopping for major deals. If you choose the right location, you'll even get extra perks worked into the package, like a spa credit or airfare compensation, making your choice even more affordable. Choose a seaside location or otherwise notable spot to vacation like a star, without paying like one! Even if you aren't forking out the dough, no one will be the wiser, and you won't have to worry about uploading your own Youtube or Twitter message about anything to do with your vacation.

Need a place to start for the vacation of your dreams? Here are some top-notch suggestions.

Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain
This luxurious retreat is made for the relaxing countryside enjoyment you never thought you'd get again. The special luxury retreat offers Asian-style spa treatments and fresh cuisine, as well as 98 mountain casas and casitas nestled in the tamed mountainside. Get in touch with your adventurous self in an environment that's both pampering and rustic—perfect for all of us.

Charleston Place Hotel
In the heart of Charleston, this hotel introduces you to famed southern hospitality while offering rich amenities and services, as well as a groomed grounds. Enjoy the weather—and food—as you zig-zag between the spa, tennis courts, and pools.

InterContinental The Barclay New York
New York relaxation at its finest—for less? This hotel has a special deal for Exclusive Complimentary Perks with!, but it doesn't scrimp on the extras for its guests. The luxury business hotel is in the perfect shop for prime sightseeing and taking care of financial and business obligations, leaving you with less time spent in your taxi or hired car while on your trip. Doesn't that sound divine?

Four Seasons Hotel Miami
Ahh, Miami. Lovely water in both the ocean and rivers criss-crossing the land, and splendid service for all visitors looking for something special. The Four Seasons Hotel Miami was opened in 2003 and is a mixed-use space of condos and business spaces in the center of Miami's financial district. Has traveling for business ever felt this good?

Time to beat those vacation blues and make your money last!

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