Friday, September 25, 2009

The Fairmont San Francisco Suite at $15,000 a Night

The penthouse suite of the Fairmont Hotel San Francisco has seen its fair share of famous guests, from JFK to Prince Charles.

Nevertheless, this penthouse suite is going to be even better than ever after all the dusting, cleaning, and dressing up that's been taking place under its ceilings. But why all the fuss?

Next month, the suite will be re-opened for the marriage of two families in the Californian vineyard business. It's not cheap, but for a luxury hotel, it's definitely what one would be looking for in terms of styles, class, and grace.

For $15,000, your suite takes up an entire floor: three bedrooms with baths, a formal dining room that can seat 60, a living room, and, best of all, an impressive terrace that looks out over San Francisco Bay and the rest of the city. Called a "giveaway" at its price, you also get a personal trainer, a chef, a masseuse, and a well-stocked gourmet kitchen, plus the use of a Ferrari. The penthouse, built in the '20s, is gorgeously decorated in Art Deco design with lots of tile, colorful paints, artistic details, and gold leaf decoration sprinkled about ceilings and windows. Samara Diapoulos, the hotel's spokesperson, said that the suite is "exotic, extravagant and telling of that time," with even a special secret hideaway in the library, and a ceiling that looks like the night sky with dark paint and gold details.

Other notable design inclusions are:

*1,800 etched glass pieces in the ceiling for a fabulously sparkling effect
*Hundreds of books lining the library
*2,000-piece crystal chandelier and sconces in the penthouse
*Brilliant blue tiled interiors

If you're looking for somewhere fabulous to stay, the Fairmont San Francisco is it. The Fairmont San Francisco is a testament to luxury living, and it boasts individually furnished rooms and suites with great views of the San Francisco skyline and bay. The location and amenities make this hotel the perfect place to stay for both business and personal reasons, and business travelers will certainly appreciate a big, roomy work desk, super-fast internet, and a multi-line telephone for conference calls and busy business days in the hotel room. Since you get Exclusive Complimentary Perks through, you will make your money really count, and still enjoy the fantastic bonuses that come along with a San Francisco hotel room in a luxury setting.

Sound tempting? Get in line for one of the most impressive hotel stays you'll ever have.

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