Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Luxury Hotels with Fall Foliage in Mind

Are you the type who loves to be surprised by what you see in person when traveling? You might admire pictures of beautiful scenery all around the United States, but seeing it close-up is something else entirely. From New England to corners of both coasts, there are surprises to be found along old routes and in unusual landscapes around the United States. Take Arizona, for example: author Joe Yogerst took a trip along the desert landscape on a special road trip and marveled at the beauty of the sun-baked mountains and desert. By carefully choosing your route for fall, you will be busy snapping photos for the entirety of your trip. If you're checking out the fall land in the Southwest, take US Highway 89, starting in Phoenix and then driving through Arizona on the Yarnell Grade amidst rugged mountaintops and boulders. Think snow-capped peaks, autumn trees, and special red rock cliffs to welcome you to one of many people's favorite time of the year—by far.

Don't rule out a fall foliage trip for the season. Not only do Americans love piling into cars to explore new areas filled with exploding-color trees, but the trip is considered a fall rite-of-passage for many a daring traveler—especially for someone who missed out on a summertime trip. New England's a must-visit place at least once in your lifetime, thanks to a unique blend of tree types that result in a particularly vibrant blend of plums, fire engine reds, lime greens, and sunshine yellows. Expert Dr. Kevin Smith from the US Forest Service in New Hampshire said “The reds from maples, oranges from sugar maples, yellows from birches, purple from beeches, all mixed in with the dark green of conifers like pine and hemlock” are what really make things special. However, if New England is too far away this year, there are other options for you to try out, including the Denali Highway in south-central Alaska, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

For a special hotel stay while you head out on your road trip, try to find a luxury hotel that meets your particular requirements without strapping you for cash. By browsing Specials across or selecting any luxury hotel from its entire collection, you will get an insider's access to the best values at the best hotels & resorts. Try zig-zagging between major cities if you crave some action and still want to catch a more provincial American feel, or simply head to simply more out-of-the-way luxury hotel locations.

Some top spots include:

The Lodge and Spa at Cordillera: This lodge and spa is set in the Vail Valley and offers plenty of activities year-round. With just 56 rooms, you are guaranteed to have special, individualized service when you check in, plus the savings of Exclusive Complimentary Perks. Get up-close and personal with those mountains for some great fall views.

Stowe Mountain Lodge, Vermont: This Spruce Peak lodge at the Stowe alpine village in Stowe, Vermont opened just in 2008, which means that your beautiful room and grounds will be perfectly turned-out and groomed. With artisan-inspired cuisine and a gorgeous spa, this hotel is a good way to head out and get snapping!

The Homestead: The Homestead's been host to many a distinguished guest, including princes and presidents. Near Virginia's Allegheny Mountains, The Homestead offers plenty of excitement for the entire family, including a wealth of outdoor activities and diversions.

Canyon Ranch, Lenox: Nestled in Western Massachusetts, this classic New England hotel is located very close to the Berkshire Mountains and has a certain quaint small-town charm. With all your meals included during your stay and plenty of wellness classes at the inn, Canyon Ranch, Lenox, makes for a perfect stop as you meander through New England leaf-peeping routes.

When traveling for a foliage road tip, don't forget the most important tip: get out of the car, says Road Trip USA author Jamie Jensen!

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