Monday, September 21, 2009

Moms Need Friends, Too

Moms can get lonely, especially those child-rearing in more rural regions. From busy days where you get run down to days of nothing but routine, everyone needs a shoulder between vacations. CNN featured a special list of "friend types" that every mom should have around, and we don't think it's out of line to suggest that perhaps these friends might consider a vacation with you and your family. Why not? Imagine the benefits you'd reap from having two support systems, plus friends for the kids, while you enjoy a child-friendly resort that's just right for parents with a stressful routine at home. Soak in the pool, hang out at the spa, and zip off to the theatre or museums with your new friends to utilize your luxury hotel's excellent childcare facilities and trustworthy employees. You might not expect to relax so much when you take the kids along with you, but that's part of the fun!

Without further ado, here are specific friend types to consider, which can make your life at home and on your vacation so much more enjoyable.

*Been There, Done That: These friends are just right for the mom in need. When you are feeling stumped about a parenting problem or are stuck on the terrible twos, you have a support system to tell you exactly what you should (and should not) be doing. Isn't it nice not to second-guess yourself for once?

*I'll Do Anything for You: The ultra-helpful friend who never says no mustn't be taken advantage of, even if she doesn't have kids of her own. She's enthusiastic and ready to take your kids to baseball, soccer, or basketball, or even help with the bake sale preparations. She's a keeper!

*The Glam Girlfriend: When you're a mom, the looks can be put on the back burner--permanently. Trust this best friend to take you out on the town, bring you new brands, and give you advice on avoiding "mom jeans" forever. Use her for inspiration, advice, and hopefully her wardrobe as well.

*Brutally Honest Friend: She tells it like it is. . . but shouldn't someone? While it's tough to have a friend like this around, it is nice to have a person on hand to ask for a dose of reality. Between kids' TV, meal-making, working, and planning, perspective can slide a bit. Have your friend jolt you into reality and make you get moving!

Did you find a friend who sounds like someone on this list? If not, check out CNN's full friend guide, and then get to planning your vacation with the kids.

Fairmont Southampton: This Bermuda location often has family offers that benefit busy families, and they also happen to boast one of the most impressive natural locations that the Caribbean has to offer. An indoor heated pool, spa location, and salon are all you need to spend some time unwinding.

Acqualina Resort and Spa: Situated for prime dining and shopping, this resort right on the ocean has multiple children's programs to explore. While you and your new best friend bask in the Florida sun, you can rest assured that they'll be kept entertained and safe as you enjoy multiple ways to relax at the resort. Step one, the pool. Step two, your perfect guest suite. . .

The Arrabelle, Vail Square: Take the ski and snowboard-loving teens on a vacation they'll never forget. . . this hotel is perfectly situated at the foot of the slopes in a European-inspired location. Snap plenty of pics of your family at this picturesque spot with first-class amenities and Rock Resort-level perks.

Spring Creek Ranch: With close proximity to mountain trails, the Spring Creek Ranch attracts plenty of wildlife. Open yearly, this ranch has a view from every room, and is situated close to national parks just primed for exploring. Be sure to check out their award-winning Wilderness Spa.

Make some friends and plan some vacations! How could you regret that?

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