Thursday, September 24, 2009

President Obama Stayed at The Waldorf Towers

When you're a President, or a celebrity, you get your pick of luxury hotels. From beachside retreats to exclusive resorts in far-off locations, it's easy to choose between plenty of restful spots. You can request whatever you need in terms of services and diversion, there are plenty of top-rated restaurants on-site to enjoy, and there's no shortage of staff to help with your every desire (or whim, for that matter). Business meetings are easy to set up in luxurious spots in your hotel, security is high, and the staff is used to seeing high-caliber guests. Even if you're in town on business, luxurious hotels will suit you well. It's not easy being an executive, an entertainer, or, in President Obama's case, a world leader, but with the many perks provided when staying in a luxury hotel, it's pure relaxation!

President Obama's suite, for example, was recently secured in the Waldorf Towers for $7,000 a night. He checked in this week to the spacious, stunning 4-room space, and with that kind of luxury comes plenty of perks. President Obama's suite in the hotel added him to a long list of world leaders who have stayed in the hotel throughout history. Did you know that every US president since Herbert Hoover has lived at or stayed in the 4-bedroom suite in the towers? Now that's a rich history! Hotels across New York have dedicated themselves to putting on a great show for the many leaders streaming into the city to gather for the 64th United Nations General Assembly, and the Waldorf is no exception. Even the chef of the hotel has a lot of pressure to provide the best: at one time, there can be over 20 heads of state staying in the hotel--and dining on the food that the kitchen painstakingly prepares. The chefs work with the State Department to learn what foods the President likes or dislikes, and they also review menus of foods for the public meetings and dinners that the President will be attending during the week. Interestingly, George H. W. Bush was one of the most interested in what the hotel was offering, and was extremely engaged about the preparations for dinner and what was being served--unlike his dinner party guests. Perhaps President Obama will be the same!

The Waldorf Towers in Manhattan rises high above the Waldorf Astoria on the 27th-42nd floors. The boutique hotel has been home to corporate moguls, royalties, celebrities, and chefs, and President Obama is another extremely distinguished guest to add to the list. Fine antiques and individual decor make staying in one of the 181 rooms or 123 suites a true pleasure, and each suite has a marble bathroom and comfortable, cheerful rooms. Besides all the premium services and amenities in which you get to indulge, you also get a private entrance between Park and Lexington so as to not announce your arrival ostentatiously. Follow the lead of some very distinguished guests and try The Waldorf Towers--and don't forget about the Guerlain Spa and Fitness Center!

Who would've thought that you can book a hotel stay to rival that of the Presidents recent stay?

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