Sunday, September 6, 2009

Shark Sightings in Resort Areas

One Cape Cod beach town has had a number of new visitors this year, but not the human, tourist kind. This summer, Chatham, Massachusetts has been on the lookout for shark visitors who are cruising the water nearby. The shark expert for the Division of Marine Fisheries, Greg Skomal, confirmed a shark sighting at the end of last week, and it's rumored that there could be more in the area. For those interested in ocean wildlife and less in swimming, this is very good news indeed—as it is for those running boat tours for curious tourists. Just a day before Skomal's shark sighting Friday, five sharks were spotted about one mile away from Chatham's Lighthouse Beach, a popular swimming spot for locals and tourists alike. Experts say that the seal-rich waters are attracting sharks closer to the Cape than usual. The good news? Massachusetts recorded the last fatal shark attack in 1936.

If you think that checking out aquatic life sounds like a pretty cool vacation, you're in luck. The Cove Atlantis, located in the Caribbean and one of's special partners that provides exclusive complimentary perks, sites on not one, but two special beaches in stunning natural surroundings of crystal-clear water, bright sand, and rich vegetation. While the aquatic life is abundant, and the outdoor, adventure-oriented activities plentiful, there are nightlife choices available to you whenever you feel like blowing off some steam—or if you can't sleep with that new sunburn! From your luxury hotel, you can see stunning views of the area and enjoy the rather balmy, relaxing open-air lobby of the location. After you've recharged, you can take advantage of the perfect aquatic attraction, Dolphin Cay, which is a special interaction habitat for curious visitors looking to get up close and personal with some seriously intelligent marine wildlife.

The Reef Atlantis is yet another stunning Caribbean location to view sharks and turtles, all the while lying in the lap of luxury. You can watch these special creatures being fed as you wander around the hotel grounds happily and take in the warm sunshine and cool sights. After basking on the beach, consider going to the spa or fitness center before retiring to your perfectly-appointed room for a nap. Not a hard life, is it? If it's exclusivity you crave, the One & Only Ocean Club in the Bahamas offers miles of pristine beaches on which to relax, champagne and strawberries in your room every afternoon, and exclusive complimentary perks, of course. Be sure to feed yourself well after heading out on the sand all day long: Dune is located right on the beach, and Courtyard Terrace is perfect for al fresco dining. Work up an appetite and dine on a tasty combination of international plates--but remember to save room for dessert.

No matter where you stay, be sure to keep your eyes on the ocean. Who knows what you might see?

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