Saturday, September 19, 2009

World Records Broken

The Guinness Book just released a mega-list of all the records broken, and it's surprising just how many new additions popped up in the new version. Why not have a fun and fascinating peek at just a few of the individuals who got the place of honor in the Guinness Book?

*1,253 people dressed up like Smurfs in Ireland--the most in a single gathering.

*4,703 pounds is what the newest, heaviest cheesecake weighed in Mexico City. Hungry, anyone?

*A ball of plastic wrap fashioned by an 11-year-old boy from Michigan reached 11 feet across--and got him special recognition as well.

*Brenden Adams of Washington, who has a 12th chromosome split in half, is 7 feet, 4.6 inches tall, and can't fit into cars. Since he's has knee replacements, he doesn't play basketball, preferring to bike and camp with his friends.

*7.12 is the longest tuft of hair ever sprouted from someone's ear, and the honor has gone to Anthony Victor of India.

Pushing the boundaries is a fascinating thing, and we can do that with travel, too. Instead of just booking a hotel and going to the city that sounds interesting, be sure to look up some curiosities in each city you visit. It'll really perk up your trip, especially when you take a ton of pics of the fascinating place that's caught your eye! Here are just a few suggestions of must-visit travel curiosities worldwide, and where to stay when you go to visit them:

Montreal: St. Joseph's Oratory is a huge basilica located on Queen Mary Road, and its rumored healing powers have resulted in a giant collection of crutches and other memorabilia off the healed.

Where to Stay: Try the Hotel Le St. James, which has old-fashioned appeal and modern convenience. Located in the heart of Montreal, it's a good place to stay if you'd like a little romance on your trip--and be close to the convention center as well.

Tokyo: Go to a Cat Cafe while in Tokyo. The Curl Up Cafe features happily snoozing kitties on leather couches and chairs--and the 12 felines who hang out here commute with the owner every day.

Where to Stay: The Park Hyatt Tokyo is located on the West Shinjuku and happens to be the hotel featured in Lost in Translation. The New York Grill is also one of Tokyo's best restaurants, so be sure to book early if you want to try it out.

New York City: While NYC is known for its museums, the Museum of Sex is another experience entirely. Opened in 2002, it's not for the conservative or faint-of-heart, but the curious will get to browse through a collection of ever-changing displays. No one under 18 is permitted.

Where to Stay
: The Hotel Plaza Athenee in New York is located on the fashionable east side of Manhattan and is located close to Central Park and shopping destinations. You also have a chance to try global cuisine at their stunning eatery.

Paris: Pere Lachaise might be a cemetery, but its unusual garden-like layout is the resting place of many a famed poet, artist, and entertainer. While you won't be alone when you make your trek to this location, it's a must-visit for any traveler in Paris.

Where to Stay
: The Four Seasons Hotel George V seems like you're staying in a fabulously luxurious private home, but you're actually not--the hotel decorators have lavished a great deal of money on these special rooms in a prime location.

It's just a start, but a fascinating one!

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