Friday, October 23, 2009

Celebs Paid to Party ?

Do you love going out when you're on vacation? So do these celebrities, but there's one big difference: they go out on the prowl, and get paid for it! From Paris Hilton to her ex-best friend Kim Kardashian , celebrities are raking in the dough for paid appearances all over the country. While we might not be that lucky, we can definitely find out about top night spots around the States to have a dance or two, do some star gazing, and then head back to our luxury hotel. Even though it doesn't seem fair that celebrities get paid so much just to hang out, there is some logic behind it: celebrities on the red carpet equal a crowd of paying customers, say experienced marketing executives. Just this year, Kim Kardashian picked up $50,000 to celebrate her 29th birthday in Vegas, and even Jon Gosselin received $10,000 to hang in Vegas at a pool party. In 2007, Britney Spears took in $350,000 to ring in the New Year, while Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz happily accepted $50,000 to celebrate the same in 2007.

Usually called the "host" of the night, the celeb whose duty it is to party merely shows up, smiles, and does their best to have fun. Sounds hard, right? If a club does things properly, they'll get a paying client who returns again and again, making them seem more popular each time the celeb shows up on a Friday or Saturday night. For example, Nicky and Paris Hilton received $500,000 to show up at a club in Vegas and party the night away, but they've been back countless times since then to party it up, Hilton-style. They might've gambled, but the execs behind LAX are smiling now after all that extra publicity! If you are craving a celeb-worthy outing, try these spots in the States:

Los Angeles: Home of Hollywood and all things fun, you'll most likely catch a glimpse of a celeb if you go out on the town or head to popular spots like Robertson Boulevard for some shopping. Get a hotel right in the center of the action to increase the chances of seeing a celebrity right where you're staying, or at least hosting an event by the pool!

Try: If you love to relax after a day of exploring the busy city, you'll love the Four Seasons Hotel at Beverly Hills. Enjoy all the amenities your hotel has to offer, and that great step-out balcony from your room.

Miami: Miami's a popular celebrity hotspot all year-round, particularly for the New York and L.A. crowd. When celebrities crave some fun in the sun, they head to Miami, where you can be a part of the crowd by simply booking a hotel in South Beach. Pack a bathing suit, get a massage, and don't forget that camera!

Try: The Setai is an oceanfront resort smack-dab in the middle of South Beach. Enjoy three pools, excellent restaurants and bars, and a private spa.

New York: Ultra-sophisticated New York is basically crawling with celebrity figures, so take your pick! Celebs can be spotted in nightclubs as well as top hotel restaurants, so keep your eyes peeled and keep cool. If you are really craving a celeb encounter, there are plenty of celeb-themed tours to take around the city, which will help you find the right spots.

Try: The Hotel Gansevoort is an excellent spot if you're craving a hip scene. Found in the Meatpacking district, this hotel close to stylish restaurants and cool shopping destinations.

Las Vegas: Land of casinos and night spots, Las Vegas is an amazing place to find celebrities hanging out on their weekends off. You'll probably see a celeb on the red carpet entering one of many hosting events in the city, but keep your eyes open for cool events held at rooftops near you. You may be able to attend a pool party hosted by a celeb figure during the day, so you can get your tan and still hang with the A-listers.

Try: Caesars Palace is a great place to visit on your first time to the city, and some of the room offerings are simply palatial. Enjoy!

Are you on the hunt for a celebrity hangout or sighting? It's time to pick your luxury hotel!

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