Thursday, October 1, 2009

Miami's Approval Rating Skyrockets

How much do you love your hometown? Here in Miami, we apparently love it! Miamians are more attached to their city than ever before, recent studies show. A Gallup survey conducted in 2009 demonstrates that Miamians are more attached to their communities than people in other large cities like Philadelphia and Detroit. 400 locals were interviewed in the program, and Dennis Scholl, the Miami Program director, admits that "I would have thought that people, because they were unhappy with their economic circumstance, would be unhappy with their community." Why the surprising results? Theories are that, with less cash to splash around town, Miamians are spending time in their community--and at home. "What's interesting this year in Miami is the perception of residents caring about each other is also significantly higher," Katherine Loflin said, who is a Gallup consultant.

Miami's approval rating, a 3.62 mean scale in comparison to last year's 3.42, also has a lot to do with Miami's quality cultural offerings--something that's significantly more difficult to attain in a city like Detroit, for example. If you're planning on a warm stay somewhere that's both attractive and packed with points of interest for the average tourist, Miami's the place to go. While there's the beach and the boardwalk, you've got a lot more places to visit, including Parrot Jungle, the Metrozoo, Vizcaya, the Metro-Dade Cultural Center, and the Holocaust Memorial. Not only are these locations stunning spots for pictures and ultimate locations for families to check out on a quiet day away from their luxury hotel, but even driving to the locations can be a blast. Have your travel agent reserve a car for you, and then hit the road en route to the spots of your choice. Drive down A1A, which runs straight up the beach on your way north--and perhaps you can slow just long enough to pick up an ice cream and make a pit stop for an ocean dip on your way back!

If Miami's fair weather and historical offerings suit you, your next step is choosing where you're going to stay. Miami offers an amazing assortment of luxury hotels geared toward a variety of travelers, from the businessperson to the singleton on the prowl. These are two noted spots that never cease to get great reviews--and repeat visitors.

The Acqualina: This beachside resort location combines the relaxing vibe of being by the ocean with the perks of having a city's rich resources at your fingertips. Nestled in between Miami Beach and Broward County along Florida's A1A in Sunny Isles, you're at a prime spot for traveling to tourist spots of your choice--and the beach, of course. When you're not lounging on Miami's pristine beaches, be sure to dine in one of Acqualina's oceanside resorts, or visit their award-winning spa. This is also a great place to take your family, because this luxury hotel happens to have noted children's programs that combine educational activities with lots of fun!

Four Seasons Miami: Located just a block away from Biscayne Bay and a stone's throw away from Miami Beach, the Four Seasons continues to boast impressive offerings for the Miami visitor. Geared toward the sophisticated single guest or business traveler, this hotel offers sweeping views of the city as well as luxuriously decorated suites. Brickell Avenue is conveniently located close to popular after-work watering holes, and has one of their own right on site--Bahia is a popular location for 9-5'ers on Friday night.

Time to start packing, or at least start dreaming about it!

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