Thursday, October 29, 2009


If a road trip is what you're after, here are just a few of the classics that remain steeped in true Americana--take your pick!

US 1: Did you know that the northernmost part of this route originated in 1636, when it look four days to make the trek between Philadelphia and New York? While we can travel at far more comfortable speeds today, taking the US-1 route will now snake through colonial New England down to Key West, including the Everglades in Florida, Maine's old ports, and Alexandria, Virginia--as well as through the oldest city in America, St. Augustine. If you live on the east coast, travel on a part of this route near you for a trip back in time--and stopping off in sunny Florida definitely wouldn't be a bad idea this fall/winter!

Pacific Coast Highway: This west coast trip is considered one of the most scenic in all of the United States. Kicking off just north of the Mexican border, this road runs about 1,500 miles to the Olympic National Park. You'll get to experience a variety of sights as you travel on this particular route, including farmland, oceanside resorts, wine country, and those famous Californian forests that tower over your car as you pass by, positively dwarfed by their ancient presence.

Route 66: This classic road tripping route is stuffed full of classic sights--and diners--and every American needs to take this trip once in his or her life. Relish the '50s vibe of many roadside attractions and eateries, and don't forget about booking a luxury hotel in nearby cities over the course of your trip--otherwise, you'll be bedding down in one of those funky motels night after night! You're going to need a massage after your daily trips out on the road, anyway.

Keep in mind that Route 66 isn't just about what's there, but what's missing--did you know that the area is dotted with ghost towns? From Illinois to New Mexico, there are dust-filled towns dotted along the route that were considered casualties of the creation of the interstate, or even dating back to old mining days. Be sure to make a stop or two.

Great River Road: Live in the south? Take the Great River Road from Venice, Louisiana all the way up to the beginning of the Mississippi River in northern Minnesota. Pay homage to one of America's greatest rivers, and explore a fascinating section of America.

If you're itching for a road trip, it looks like now's the time to take it, while gas prices seem to be stalled. If they're going to rise again, you should get your fun in now, before it's too late! Now who's up for a road trip?


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