Thursday, October 22, 2009

Top Spots for Tailgating

Are you a fan of tailgating parties? If so, you'll certainly need to know these Top 10 Tailgating Towns, where meeting, cheering, and cooking up some prime food is just a way of life. Joe Cahn, Commissioner of Tailgating, has traveled far and wide to compare tailgating parties across America. In 1996, he sold his home in New Orleans, bought a motor home, and started hitting the routes zig-zagging across America in search of the best tailgating parties. It hasn't been easy, but he's managed to pare down his list after attending more than 500 tailgate bashes, bringing his "miles totaled" to around 500,000. "Tailgating is the only gathering place of a community of its kind, like walking through thousands of backyards. It's where the happy people are," Cahn says. "Tailgating creates the perfect American neighborhood."

What makes a tailgate party tops? Cahn's actually created a list, complete with the major elements: "Parking space, tradition, and family are three of the top four ingredients," he said. Sports, Cahn commented, are one of the only places where kids can fight with an adult (about sports) and then get away with it--or maybe even win. The fourth might be the sole reason to get traveling to one of these popular spots-- the food! Cahn listed all the tasty things he's tried across the country, remembering place where he got each one. The list is sumptuous and not at all what you'd expect, including old-fashioned Maine lobster, bratwursts, chili, and homemade tomales, for example.

Intrigued about the top tailgating locations? Aim for these popular spots!

Reliant Statium, Houston: Tailgating has been openly encouraged at this spot from the get-go, making it an extremely popular pasttime, and one that simply can't be ignored. Since the lot is very roomy, large vehicles can easily park with some serious grilling equipment and get things fired up. Jalapeno poppers and plenty of beef round out this barbecue fare. Yummy and very Texan, this is an experience not to be missed.

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Buffalo, New York: This city simply has a tailgating culture, and you'll be surprised at just how popular tailgating is when you catch a game. There are varied parking lots around the stadiums designated for just your type of ride: bus tailgating, RV tailgating, car tailgating, and limousine tailgating are just a few of the dedicated lots sprinkled 'round town. The lot opens five hours before the game, and the tailgating, its said, reaches "truly professional levels" once it gets going.

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Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, Oakland, Calif.
: It's "Halloween Every Week" in Oakland, where dressed-up characters rival the costumes of Mardi Gras and All Hallow's Eve on a weekly basis. The "Raider Nation" makes up a modern-day group of half-pirates, half-Barbarians who battle it out while stomping and beer-guzzling right on their home turf. It's a sight to be seen, without a doubt, and one you'll enjoy if you love dressing up and cheering teams on.

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