Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What Inspired Norman Rockwell ?

The Berkshires never go out of style. While extremely popular in fall, thanks to the brilliant foliage around the location come autumn, the developing art scene has been drawing more and more visitors at a rapid pace. Home to American artist Norman Rockwell for 25 years, the Berkshires remain a stunning source of inspiration for artistic talent interested in recording quintessentially American scenes and images: white picket fences, sweet churches, mom and pop grocery stores, and shutter-clad homes are all a part of life here. It's not hard to see where Rockwell's source of inspiration came from when you do some sightseeing, and then combine that with a trip to the Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge , which houses over 700 of his paintings and drawings, as well as a reconstructed Rockwell studio space modeled after his home work space. From the Norman Rockwell Museum, you'll get to see both the stunning New England scenery and other locations dedicated to creative masters based in New England.

The Mass MoCa, North Adams, is one such stop you'll need to make while being scenic round the Berkshires. This contemporary art stop lives in a series of 19th-century refurbished buildings and hopes that you'll spend your time looking at the art, not reading about it--note the absence of plaques when you go. Musical performances and contemporary dance productions are featured on the weekend, while you can spend your time during the week taking in exhibitions of a varied nature from noted artists. The Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute famously resides in the Berkshires, founded after the Clarks historically decided against a New York City spot to house artwork and provide art reference material for the masses. This art library, open to the public, enriches the campus just as much as their stunning new campus buildings designed by talented architects.

While taking Route 7 through the Berkshires, which links the region's towns--and artistic points of interest--together, try your hand at some amateur photography of the region.

And as far as resorts, Canyon Ranch, Lenox, located in the Berkshires, combines that far-off retreat feel with close proximity to a New England town. The stunning Berkshire mountains provide the perfect background for a weekend of 100% relaxation in the country, an you can walk to the town of Lenox for sightseeing, souvenirs, and a break from the stunning hotel scenery--you will just appreciate it more. The historic inn boasts 126 rooms in a personalized, quaint layout that is perfect for the traveler bent on relaxation, not to mention the Berkshires Health Resort, which offers a great range of cardio class options like spinning, as well as more subdued classes like yoga for your time off during the weekend. Outdoors options include hiking (both leisurely and aerobic) and biking, canoeing , swimming, kayaking, and skiing. When you come in from a long day of getting fit in the perfect New England setting, swing by the restaurant for gourmet cooking without prices tacked all over your menu--just the nutritional information of an array of tasty dishes. Your Canyon Ranch stay includes all your meals, so live it up with an intuitive menu designed to be both healthy and delicious.

Now this is a luxury resort. Not only do you get to tone your body, but you treat your artistic side to a true slice of Americana.

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