Friday, October 9, 2009

What's Good is Gold

The price of gold has continued its rise, reports indicate, while the dollar has weakened. While gold rose to $1,062.70 in New York's Mercantile System, it ended up sitting at $1,056.30 at a 1.1% increase. Gold had originally sat at 21.7% from a low of $867.90 in April, but now with the dollar hitting lows this season (and a record low this August), traders everywhere are watching the changes with curiosity. Gold may advance further, confirmed David Beahm, because "The only way this doesn't continue would be a stronger dollar. David said "I can't find anybody out there that is saying that is going to happen."

Why is the dollar dropping, anyway? A combination of government spending to stimulate the economy and record-low interest rates have made some wonder whether or not interest rates will be raised, like what happened recently in Australia. Jeffrey Nichols, the managing director of of American Precious Metals Advisors said that "Gold is an early predictor of inflation, so even though inflation may be a year or two down the road, gold typically begins moving earlier." As investors get enthusiastic about the economy and continue to trade their safe-haven assets for stocks in a less risky environment, gold should continue to rise.

With all the changes in the status of the dollar, a lot of us are looking for new locations to make our money count. Thankfully, WhataHotel! has many strategic partnerships in locations where the dollar is even or equal to local currency. Here are a few suggestions on where to visit for more buying power.


Park Hyatt Beijing: This stunning hotel location is located directly across from China's World Trade Center, and happens to be part of the largest skyscraper on Beijing's Chang'an Avenue. Be sure to dine at the Park Hyatt's restaurant for unparalleled 360-degree views of the city.

The Excelsior Hong Kong: Combining history and elegance, the Excelsior stands on Lot No. 1, which was the first plot of land sold when China became a British Colony in 1841. This ideal vacationing spot delivers amazing views and impeccable, world-class service.


Swissotel Sydney: Located above one of the most iconic department stores in Sydney, this centrally located hotel is a hot tourist spot, combining entertainment and shopping districts such as Pitt Street Mall and Queen Victoria Building. If you want to enjoy the evening, have a walk to Cockle Bay Wharf.

Voyages Lizard Island: Lizard Island, or rather the 24 of them, is situated on the Great Barrier Reef to allow for the usual outdoorsy activities in a spectacular surrounding: snorkeling, diving, and more give you more than the perfect chance to snap pictures and enjoy family attractions. All meals are included in the price of your stay.


Pink Sands, Harbour Island: Pink Sands is a 20-acre resort location with plenty of pink beach sand and a fantastic interior design for your art-loving pleasure. Be sure to note their decorations, done by Biba founder Barbara Hulanicki in Moroccan, Balinese, and Indian styles.

Reef Atlantis: With miles of white sand stretching out below your luxury accommodations, you'll feel like you never want to leave the Reef Atlantis. Be sure to check out the full resort, of which you have complete access, and check out pool and water slides as well as exotic aquatic animal feedings.

Have no worries about the falling value of the dollar when you vacation in Australia, the Bahamas, or in China! With a comfortable exchange rate, you won't have to stress about your budget--and you are already saving through

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