Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oprah can gas up the jet and go anywhere she likes

Oprah once told her audience that she loves her private jet and that "anyone that tells you that having your own private jet isn't great is lying to you."

While most of us can't hop on our own jet to go anywhere we like, we can get an upgrade to business class and ride in style. Travel Agencies like Lorraine Travel (which operates have certificates on certain carriers including American Airlines that apply towards a free, guaranteed upgrade to Business Class on many international routings, provided space is available & one has purchased a "full coach" (highest unrestricted Economy Class fare) ticket.

With these kinds of savings, you'll have enough to stay at a luxury hotel of your choice. Try following Oprah's suggestions by staying at Miraval Tucson, which has an Exclusive Complimentary Perks package through What a Hotel! that includes a Relaxation Gift Basket valued at $125. Besides being an Oprah favorite, the Miraval Tucson has been voted one of the top spa resorts in the world by several leading publications, including Travel & Leisure and SpaFinder. All-inclusive rates at the Miraval Tucson include casita-style accommodations, three gourmet meals per guest/per day, a daily spa treatment OR a daily round of golf, free non-alcoholic drinks, and complimentary roundtrip airport transfers.

Looking for additional locations? Oprah's also been spotted at Hotel Bel-Air, where she threw a party for her 40th birthday. If you happen to be traveling to Chicago where Oprah's show is taped, check out this lineup of the best hotels in Chicago.

This kind of travel sounds like it would definitely get Oprah's seal of approval! Enjoy!

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