Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Top 5 Travel fears

Travel can be stressful, and many of us have issues with flight quality, concerns about germs, or problems with lost luggage. Take a look at common travel fears and how to address them in this list--and then take to the skies confidently.

1. Fear of Flying
Nearly everyone thinks about a plane crash when they get ready to fly, but that's not where your worries should lie. Did you know that the chances of getting hurt in a plane crash are one in 11 million? Author of "The Happiness Prescription" Elizabeth Lombardo says that "You are much safer in a plane than you are a car, or even walking."

2. Fear of Being Away
This second-biggest travel phobia can create a lot of stress for the average traveler, and it is a legitimate concern. While it can be stressful to be away from your home and job, taking small breaks out of town can help until you build up to a bigger vacation. Why not take a short drive to a nearby vacation spot over a long weekend like Memorial Day?

3. Fear of Illness
The best way to avoid getting sick while traveling over the border is to get your shots ahead of time. Swine flu fears may be overrated, but infectious disease shouldn't be ignored. Pack some antibacterial hand wipes and go! If you have all your shots and follow standard safety precautions, you are good to go.

4. Fear of Losing Your Luggage
Traveling with the right airlines can help deal with that fear: some airlines like AirTran use scanning technology to reduce their lost luggage issues. According to current averages, there is a 1 in 285 chance that your luggage will be lost, but with carriers that use scanning technology, the chance is 1 in 500.

5. Fear of a Bad Flight
Difficulty with delays, poor quality food, overcrowded flights, and long lines can be an issue--but arriving at that luxury hotel will certainly improve your mood. Try packing a small container of snacks in your carry-on and bring your iPod, planner, and a good book to try to avoid irritation while vacationing.


  1. I would be more concerned in losing my luggage more than anything else. Your list is good, I'll probably add fear of terrorists. Good read!

  2. What about fear of being arrested in a foreign country for breaking a law you didn’t know existed? Actually, come to think of it, my biggest fear is to interact with any kind of law official (traffic cop, passport control) is a foreign language.